08 September 2007

I admit it, it's a plug.

Hey y'all. I am going to admit this outloud. I am plugging these upcoming anthologies from Total E-bound...but...the cause is well worth it.

Here is their information:
New Military Anthology - A celebration of our heroic soldiers.
We've closed the doors to the submissions on the soldiers anthology, so thank you to everyone who sent in their manuscripts for consideration. Remember, we will be releasing this anthology in November for charity, and all Total-e-bound Publishing proceeds will go to forces benevolent funds for army wives who have lost husbands in the recent conflicts. So, make sure you come on over to TEB and buy a copy - besides, who could resist soldiers?! *sigh* I LOVE a man in uniform!

I have been given the release date of 12 Nov 07 for at least the anthology that my story is in. Please support this cause, we all love to read and to give aid by doing so is a bonus.
Happy reading,