28 April 2008

Unedited first chapter of Harrier's Healer

I know it isn't Monday yet, but my day tomorrow is hectic and I didn't want to forget to post. Happy Monday, y'all:


Somewhere in the western Pacific…
“HMC Rogets, report to the bridge. HMC Rogets, report to the bridge!”
Shit, I just got off a ten-hour shift. What now? The head turned to hear the loud squawk coming over the speaker as the baseball cap hid the narrowing of eyes that looked like tiger’s eyes, the semiprecious stones prized by some as jewels. Her shoulders rose and fell with the realization she had no choice; it wasn’t her imagination or a voice in her head that she had been hearing. “See you later,” the curvaceous woman promised the group of people she stood amongst. They nodded and waved as she left to navigate the narrow stairwells and passageways.
“HMC Rogets reporting as ordered, Sir.” The alto voice intruded into the noisy bustle of the bridge.
Commander Touchette waved the woman waiting to be acknowledged forward. She was one of his favorite chiefs and he hated to lose her, even for this short time. He felt good having her expertise on board. They were lucky to get her for she could have easily chosen the carrier, but she wanted the destroyer. Touchette was the commanding officer of the USS Everett DDG, a guided missile destroyer.
His hand waved her closer yet as he read over the missive in front of him. Looking up, he found her direct gaze resting on him, patiently waiting for him to speak. Her eyes were clear and sharp and he wasn’t able to tell she was just off of a long day.
“Chief Rogets,” he said as she stopped and stood straight in front of him.
“Sir,” she replied waiting.
“I hate to do this to you considering you just got done in medical for the day, but the carrier has sent out a request for another doc. Since you know some of the men they are bringing in a little already, they want you.” His blue eyes never left her darker, exotic ones.
The carrier. Chief Petty Officer Alexis Rogets had recently been assigned to this DESRON, destroyer squadron, and as she requested this destroyer, she had apparently anticipated that she would fit in well. The ‘small boy’ was much different than when she had served on an aircraft carrier, or floating city, as she called it. But she was a doctor and would go wherever needed. “When do I go, Sir?”
“Now.” He waited for a look of surprise or anything suggesting shock. He was once again disappointed. Nothing seemed to rile her, which was why the crew loved her. She was level-headed and polite with a hint of prankster when she felt she knew you well enough. She got along well with both officers and enlisted personnel.
Chief Rogets was unique. Generally, any full-fledged doctor would be an officer, but not her. She was finishing her schooling while enlisted and managed to graduate from Harvard as a doctor and a non-commissioned officer. Many believed that was one reason she was easy to get along with on both sides. She was almost like a liaison between the two if needed. An exception to the rule and one she was happy with.

Alexis Rogets maintained her emotionless facade. Now. Her stuff was stowed away so it would take very little for someone to send it to her. She was upset and a bit disappointed for she preferred being on the smaller vessel. “Very well, Sir.”
“Does anything surprise you, Rogets?” The CO asked with a grin.
“It’s not good for me to get surprised,” came her twinkling response. “Especially in my line of work.”
“I have yet to see anything faze you. Stay over there until things have calmed down a bit, and then give us a yell. We’ll send a helo over for you.” He smiled. “Don’t want them thinking they’re going to be allowed to keep the best doc in the Navy. Now go on. Dismissed.”

USS Endeavor CVN
Snapping out a salute to the petty officer who met her on the flight deck, Alexis made her way swiftly down to sickbay. Here not even five minutes and I miss the destroyer, she mused. Pushing open the door to the ship’s medical room she was not sure what to expect.
Corpsmen were running all around and the place seemed chaotic to the untrained eye, but to her it was business like usual. Searching for the nearest khaki uniform, Alexis went up to its wearer and reported in. “Glad to have you aboard, Chief. I hear nothing but good things about you. Heard about you when I was stationed out in Norfolk,” the tall ensign said.
“What’s going on here, Sir?” She waved one dark hand to encompass the room in her question. “Who are the injured?”
Before he could respond, the most sinful voice in God’s creation reached her, easily cutting through the surrounding noise. “Chief Rogets, glad to know you will be taking care of me.” There was a slight hesitation that she could have imagined before the words came again. “And my men.”
Well, Commander Touchette would be pleased to know that there is something to faze me. She took a deep breath and turned to face the man that belonged to that voice. Commander Scott Leighton. Well, Lieutenant Commander Harrington Prescott Broderick Leighton III, if she were to be specific. A name which she only knew from having seen his records. Yeah, right.
For a mere moment Alexis was speechless. In front of her stood her very own secret and undisclosed erotic dream. All her fantasies about men ended up with her and this man in some amazing sexual act.
All six feet five inches of tanned body stood there covered with rippling muscles. Eyes that were cornflower blue and belonged in the bedroom only topped off his god-like body. Everything about his physique and presence screamed virile, sensual and downright mouthwatering. All he would have to do is crook his finger and I would follow him anywhere.
She noticed his blond hair looked like it could use a wash. Not even the black paint streaked on his face could take away from his magnetic pull on her. And it had been like that since the day they met. Can’t think about that now, Lex, need to acknowledge him before he gets suspicious, she admonished herself with a mental shake to bring her back to business at hand.
“Commander Leighton,” she said. “I will go see what I can do to help your men.” She cast a questioning glance at the ensign, who pointed her to the area she would be using. She hurried off without responding to either officer, knowing she could get away with it because of the rush to get attention to the men.
Pushing back the curtain, she reached for a pair of medium surgical gloves. Alexis turned back to get her first patient and froze. Commander Leighton stood before her. “What do you need, Commander? I am just about to go grab one of your men.”
Like hell you are. A sexy half smile crossed his face. “I’m the only one from my team left who needs attention. The rest of the men here are the ones we rescued. So I’m all yours…” Again that almost indiscernible hesitation. “…Chief.”
If that were only so. “Sit down.” She was all business. “What happened?”
“I got a few scrapes, nothing too serious.” His blue eyes burned a hole into her as he spoke.
“Uh-huh,” she muttered as she moved towards him. What was nothing serious in the SEAL way of thinking was way different than what it might mean to her as a doctor.

Lieutenant Commander Scott “Harrier” Leighton felt the familiar butterflies reemerge in his belly. Strangely enough, the fluttering only happened when this woman was around. He didn’t understand it, he towered over her and outweighed her by almost one hundred pounds, yet here he sat, nervous as a child on their first day of school. His blue eyes roved over her as she approached.
She wore her dark hair secured tightly off her face and hidden way under a cap marked, USS Everett DDG. He loved it when her hair was down; it was thick and fell gently around her face and shoulders. Or it had the last time he had seen it down. She looked so feminine that way, not that she didn’t now, for she was hot in anything but she looked gentle with her hair free.
Her face was, to him, perfect. Thick eyelashes framed her exotic-looking tiger eye gaze. Scott reflected on the cute nose and those succulent full lips that he had wanted to kiss the very first time he saw her. This was the eighth time they had met and that desire was still just as strong today as it was the first day. Scott knew it was only a matter of time before he gave into that yearning.
She was five-seven and had all the right curves in just the right places. Her breasts were full and her hips made him imagine nothing except his hands holding them as he drove into her body as deep as he could go. Over and over, all night long. Her ass made his mouth go dry; it was flawless.
She was the total package. Beautiful, smart, energetic, strong and very sexy. Topping it off, her body looked as if it had been covered by rich toffee. I would sell my soul for one night with this ebony goddess, he ruminated.
Scott knew all about her because he had pulled up her file and read up on her. He knew where she considered her permanent address to be and how many family members she had. He knew where she was born and all this wasn’t enough. Everything he knew was technical; he wanted to know this woman.
He blinked as he realized she was staring at him, waiting for a response. “I’m sorry, what?” I sound like a moron, he thought ruefully.
“I said you need to take off your shirt. There is a deep tear and I want to evaluate whether or not you require stitches,” she informed him in a crisp and professional voice.
His eyes blazed with a heat that could have burned a hole right into the hull of the ship. “Sure, just a sec.” He began to remove his shirt and couldn’t stop the hiss of pain that slipped out from between his teeth.
Her fingers were there, brushing his out of the way as she searched. “Hang on, let me look.” A couple of noncommittal murmurs left her mouth and went straight into his ears, traveling quickly to his groin. “This needs stitches.” She turned her head and found their faces were inches apart.
The busy room seemed to fade away into silence as their twin gazes bore into each other. Alexis found herself first and shook her head free of the cobwebs that this man put there. “Take it off,” she ordered in a brisk tone.
One eyebrow, covered with paint, arched as he said, “What?”
“Your shirt. Take it off and I will clean the wound and get someone to stitch you up,” she elaborated insistently.
Oh, hell no, I am not about to let you weasel your way out of looking at or touching my body. “I want you,” that damn hesitation again, “to do it.”
I want you too, her mind screamed in return. “Why me? There are plenty of corpsmen who can stitch a wound just fine. There are other people in here hurt worse than you.”
“I remember how well you took care of Cade on the carrier in the Caribbean.” His voice was such a turn-on to listen to.
Alexis remembered. They had taken them on board after recovering them from the mountains of Belize. Her previous duty had been on that aircraft carrier. Now she was in a different ocean and still facing the man that made her tremble. “Very well,” she said reluctantly. She was only reluctant because she didn’t know how she would respond to touching him; this was why she had planned on having someone else do it.
“You’re not scared of touching me are you, Alexis?” his deep tone purred.
Her eyes flew open wide at his use of her first name; he had never done that before. It was as if her name was made to roll off his tongue. While there had always been an attraction between them, he had never before said anything like this. It was such a breach of protocol. He would be in so much trouble if she were to report it. “Why would I be scared? Did you pick something up that I might catch?” she sassed him back, as she helped him remove his shirt. Seconds later she tried to remain not at all impressed by the massive chest exposed to her gaze.
I can’t believe those words came out of my mouth. At least she is joking about it. “I have never picked anything up. Ever.”
Alexis knew what he was saying. He was clear of any and all sexually transmitted diseases. If only he weren’t a superior officer. “I’m sure your wife or girlfriend is very pleased to know that,” Alexis ventured primly.
He grimaced slightly as she applied the sterilizer to the gash. “You know I don’t have a wife.”
She didn’t even look at him. “I don’t know anything about you, Commander,” she said, reminding them of the protocol.
“Don’t lie to me or yourself.” His words were soft and they caressed her body.
“Don’t move. And keep your arm where it is,” she said as she threaded a needle. “Are you sure you don’t want a local?”
“I’m sure. Just keep talking to me and I will be fine.” You could amputate my left leg if you talked to me through it. I just want to hear your seductive voice.
“You’re the boss,” she muttered.
I will be soon. “Tell me about yourself then, so I can get to know you,” he ordered as she slid the needle into his flesh.
“What has you so interested in my life, Sc…Commander?” Her eyes were narrowed with concentration as she made tiny, even stitches in his side. Trying hard to ignore the wide expanse of muscles and the smell of pure man that was in front of her. Trying and failing.
He heard her slip and smiled as he looked at the top of her head. “The same thing that has you interested in mine,” he whispered, falling silent as another person walked into the small area.
“Chief Rogets,” the corpsmen said. “We need your help with one of the other men.”
“Is it an emergency, Corpsman?” she asked, not taking her eyes off her work.
“No, Ma’am, just as soon as you can.” He looked at the bare-chested man that sat on the bed while the woman sewed up his side. “Sir, Ma’am.” Then he was gone.
Finishing swiftly, she tied off the last suture and cut it. Pushing away on her wheeled stool, Alexis rolled to the sink, removed the gloves from her hands, and began to wash them as she talked to the man sitting behind her. “There you go, Commander. Take it easy and you should be fine in a couple of weeks.” Not that your ass ain’t fine now. Alexis reached for the towel and found him holding it out to her. He moves so fast and silently.
“Thanks for taking such good care of me,” he murmured. His hand moved almost as if he were going to touch her until a yell from across the room got her attention.
“Lex! He’s crashing.” Another chief and friend yelled for her. With barely a glance at the handsome SEAL, Alexis ‘Lex’ Rogets was dashing over to the table to lend her expertise.
Picking up his discarded and possibly ruined shirt along with his pack, Scott gazed across the room and watched in amazement as she worked diligently on the man. Even when blood sprayed up at her she seemed unfazed. She was a damn good doctor, sexy as hell and someday soon, his. With one final look, he left medical to hit the showers and check on the rest of his men.
Alexis knew the moment he left. Somehow the room just felt emptier. Her hands deep in the chest they just cracked open she wondered what twist of fate would bring them together next. That thought was brief and fleeting because her mind focused back on the task before her. And although she was tired, she knew it wouldn’t be an issue as her mind was still sharp. Residency hours had been way worse than this.

Peeling off the blood-covered gloves and tossing them in the trash receptacle, Alexis rolled her head around trying to loosen up her neck muscles. Hands washed, she put on some lotion trying to preemptively ease the dryness. They were done. All the men were stabilized.
“Great job, Lex,” a masculine voice said from behind her.
A smile formed as she answered, “Thanks, Tom. You, too.” She turned and walked with him towards the door. A few corpsmen were cleaning up bloody gauze and washing down tables. But the room was silent now. “It was good to work with you again. I didn’t know you were out here.” Tom had served with her before on the carrier in Norfolk.
He flashed her a grin, his white teeth standing out vividly against his dark skin. “Wanna get some chow?”
“Thanks but no thanks, Tom. I had just pulled a ten-hour stint on the Everett before they sent me here. I need to unwind, but it’s nice to know you’re nearby.” She patted him on the arm.
“We will have to do something in port together. Grab a meal or something.”
Lex nodded. “Great, you know how to reach me. I’ll see ya around. By the way,” she tossed over her shoulder as she walked off, “congrats on being frocked.” He sent her back another sparkling grin as she moved away from him.

Shutting the hatch behind her Alexis sighed. I’ll just give it a few minutes before I call Touchette for the helo. Her gaze took in the sun as it began its evening descent. She loved it out here. This was one of her favorite spots, the fantail. There weren’t many places on an aircraft carrier where one could feel alone, but this was one of them.
“Too bad I won’t be here to watch the sunset,” she said to the rushing wind.
“Why not?” a sexy baritone voice asked from behind her.
She jumped, hand pressed to her chest, unwittingly drawing his gaze there. “Jesú, you scared me.” As her dark eyes landed on the man who stood there she fought for sanity. “Excuse me, Sir. Hello, Commander.”
His striking eyes glanced around making sure they were alone out there. Finding the answer to be to his satisfaction, he settled those beautiful blue eyes back on her body, setting it to burn, a heat that rivaled the late afternoon sun. “Come on now, Alexis,” his hard body moved closer to her. “How long are we going to do this?”
Dear God, this man’s voice is potent. “Do what, Commander?”
He took a deep breath and leaned on the rail beside her, almost but not quite touching her. “Why aren’t you going to be around for the sunset?” He didn’t want to push her into anything. He wanted to push into her.
“I’m going back to the Everett. I just came out here to relax for a bit.” Her body turned around and leaned on the rail like he did. “How are you feeling?”
“Good, you did a wonderful job.” I don’t want you to go back to the Everett, I want you to go to my bed and stay there forever. “How long are we going to keep this up?” Leighton questioned her.
I bet you can keep it up for a long, long time. “I don’t know.”
“Do you remember the day we first met?” he asked, not admiring anything but her dark beauty beside him. Hell, even on the fantail of an aircraft carrier she smelled like she just took a shower.
“Yes. It was in Norfolk,” she said.
“I almost ran you over and you…well, you wanted to say something a lot worse than you did.”
She chuckled, a low seductive sound that stirred up his groin even more. “I remember. And you’re right; I definitely wanted to say something else.”
“You are—”
“Well, it’s been a pleasure Commander, but I have to go. Take care of yourself out there.” Alexis stepped away from the rail and took a few steps toward the door, not wanting or ready to hear what he was going to say.
“It will be a pleasure,” he purred in her ear.
She froze. There were two choices here, file a complaint and get him in trouble or flirt back. Girl, like there was any choice. “What will?”
His hand touched her back, leading her towards the hatch. Unless she opened the thick door, there was nowhere to go except into him if she turned around. “Us.”
She turned. “Commander, what exactly are you talking about?” Her eyes were direct and he liked that about her.
“You know what I’m talking about.” His words were smooth.
And she did. But for the life of her she didn’t want to admit it. “No, I don’t. I have to get going.” She paused with one hand on the handle. “Goodbye, Commander.”
His body clenched. He couldn’t be angry; she was doing the right thing. He was the one breaking protocol. Scott could be sent for a Captain’s Mass and she could get in trouble as well. Suddenly he didn’t give a damn. The seven previous times he had been in her presence, he had not done what he longed so much to do, so now he had to taste her. Two seconds later, he hauled her up against the solid wall of his chest and his lips were on hers.
His tongue slid around her full mouth before plunging into hers, not asking. Oh, no, he was demanding her acceptance. Her taste was amazing; he couldn’t get enough. Every small sample he got increased his desire for more one hundredfold.

Alexis had no idea what was happening to her body. This kiss was nothing like it was in her dreams. She moaned into his mouth as she sucked harder on his invading tongue. Heaven. That was what this felt like.
Suddenly the handle for the hatch began to move. They sprang apart and were leaning on the railing staring out at the ocean by the time the intruder made it through the opening. Two ensigns looked at the commander and nodded before leaving. It was obvious what they were up to. Nothing too different from what Commander Leighton had planned for the lovely Chief Rogets.
Close on their heels was Alexis, who was stopped by that deep tone. “We aren’t done, Alexis.”
Refusing to turn and let him see how much those words affected her, she swallowed and said, “Take care of yourself, Commander.” Then she was gone, leaving him alone. He stayed there even as he watched the helicopter that carried her further away from him against the bright sky.

21 April 2008

Kincade's Rose--chapter 3--unedited

Happy Monday, Y'all:


Tyson left her room and headed back to his own hotel. He had always prided himself on being cool, calm, and collected. Five seconds around Ms. Jayde Porter and he was ready to act like a randy school boy.
He took a shower but when he came out of the steaming bathroom wearing nothing except his boxers he found there was company in his room. The two men he had seen in the restaurant and two more he didn’t recognize except from surveillance photos his counterterrorism team had taken. They had him at a disadvantage for three of them were holding guns on him.
“What do you want?” Tyson asked as he carefully moved to where his clothes were laid out.
“Why are you here?” The one without the gun asked.
“Vacation,” he said easily.
“Don’t lie. Go on, get dressed.”
“What do you want?” Tyson tried again.
“Answers. And we will get them. Get dressed.”
Torture. Came to his mind. Slowly he put on his jeans and clean black tee shirt. He sat down on a chair to put on his boots. Damn, he had really stepped into it this time. No SEAL Team Seventeen a.k.a ‘The Megalodon Team’ for backup. No counterterrorism team for support. He was on his own. Or was he?
The image of a sweet sexy woman named Jayde Porter came to his mind along with the words the witch doctor he had met once in a remote village in Africa. The old man had given him a pair of rings—rings Tyson still had no idea where or how he had acquired them for they were solid titanium. The old man had also said, ‘Keep them with you and the woman you are meant to be with will find you. The rings will save you and bind the two of you together for all eternity.’ Tyson knew it was just an old prophecy but still, the idea had potential, especially combined with the vision of Jayde Porter.
Tyson had already been with Carrie so he didn’t even show them to her since he had found her prior to receiving the rings. He kept them on a chain that he wore around his neck. The one time Carrie had asked about them he shrugged it off telling her they were just silver bands. A SEAL thing, an explanation that she bought.
“Let’s go.” The gunmen gestured for him to precede them out of the room and down the hall. “No tricks.”
Tyson wouldn’t risk innocent people’s lives so he walked easily as not to give them a reason to get jumpy. They shoved him, none to gently in the back of a Mercedes with darkened windows and drove.
After a while the car pulled into a police station. Roughly his captors dragged him down a hall and some stairs to slam him into a wall before they shoved him into an interrogation room. At least that is what he believed it to be. Then all of them left him alone for two hours, with nothing to do but sit uncomfortably chained and sweat in the hot box. He knew there was a cut on his head from hitting the wall for he could feel the blood.
When the door finally opened in walked the man who hadn’t had a gun on him in his hotel room. The man had small black eyes, yellowed teeth and a pock-marked face. “What are you doing here?”
Tyson barely blinked. “I told you already. I’m on vacation.”
“Why do you insist on lying to us? Do you know what jails are like here?”
“I’ve done nothing wrong.” Not yet anyway. And he did know what the jails were like here.
“We know who you are.”
“Good, then you know I am here on vacation.”
The man swore and walked out. Tyson swallowed slowly. It was obvious that they wanted him to break from the thought of possibly going to a foreign prison. It was also obvious that the pock-faced man wanted to hit him.
After the man left he heard a motor start and knew that they turned on the heat even higher. He had survived worse than this. He didn’t think they would resort to actual torture for a while at least; it seemed they wanted him to give in.
Another hour passed until that ugly man came back in. “Do you really want to continue this? Just tell us what we want to know.”
“I am here on vacation,” the SEAL insisted.
The man slapped his hands down on the lone desk in the room. “No one with your history comes here alone.”
“I never said I was alone,” Tyson paused hoping he wasn’t about to get her in trouble, but for now she seemed to be his only chance out of this. “I just said I was here on vacation.” He didn’t even acknowledge what they said about his history.
For the first time the man looked panicked. As if maybe he had the wrong guy. But then he recovered. “Who are you here with?”
“My wife,” Tyson said.
“Our records don’t show you having a wife.”
“How is that my fault?” His gaze held the other man’s without fear.
“Who is she?” the man demanded.
“How do I know you won’t hurt her?” Tyson asked. Just so you know I will kill you if you harm one hair on her head. He had to forcibly relax his body so he didn’t give himself away.
“We won’t. Tell us who she is.”
“I will go with you to see her. But I won’t send you alone.” Tyson wasn’t that stupid.
“Deal. Then when she says she isn’t your wife, you go to prison.” The man was positively gleeful.
Tyson nodded as they took him back outside where his hot body eagerly absorbed the cool rain that still fell. They put him back in the vehicle and headed to the hotel where Jayde was staying. Tyson hoped he was right to put his faith in her.
Four men got out of the car and headed for the elevator, Tyson and three others. On the fifth floor he got out and led the way to door 5627 where one of the men knocked, keeping Tyson away from the opening. An action that Tyson hoped wouldn’t be a mistake.
Jayde had just gotten out of the shower. The clock read five till one. She was exhausted, wanting just to climb into bed but her mind wouldn’t slow down. As she wandered around the suite in the thick robe provided by the hotel she heard a knock on her door. She froze with fear then her body flushed hot as she realized it could be Tyson.
The knock came again. “Who is it?” she asked as she walked closer.
“Policía,” a grating voice said.
Police? Her black brows furrowed in thought. “Just a second.” She opened the door a crack, the chain still latched. “Is something wrong, sir?”
“Sí. Can you open the door please?”
“Do you have some identification?” Jayde waited until he showed her a badge. “What is this about?”
“Please,” he said. “Open the door. It is about your husband.”
My husband? “Just a second.” She shut the door, took a deep breath, removed the chain and swung the door open to admit three strangers and Tyson.
Tyson looked exhausted. He still looked wonderful, but he looked exhausted. Then she noticed the blood that they had tried to wipe away. Her dark eyes narrowed, “What is going on here, officer?”
“It’s Captain, Captain Alvarez.”
“Fine,” she snapped. “What’s going on, Captain?”
“Hey, honey,” Tyson interjected.
Jayde gave him a small tense smile as she gripped her robe tighter about her body to try and conceal the trembling. “Captain?”
“This man,” he pointed to Tyson, “claims that you are married. We believe he is a spy. Do you have anything to say? And please, don’t worry we can protect you.”
Jayde couldn’t help it, she choked. “A spy?” she stuttered.
“Yes,” the captain said.
“Can I ask why or how you came to that conclusion?” Her eyes narrowed as she witnessed the look of sick perversion on his face.
“His history.”
Jayde looked at Tyson, who hadn’t taken his eyes off her since he had been shoved into the room. In his eyes she read the same thing she had seen earlier, ‘I will protect you.’ So she did the only thing she knew she could do. Lie. “He is telling the truth. He is my husband.” She was proud that her words were delivered in a clear strong voice.
The captain narrowed his eyes at her declaration. “Please, we can protect you. Tell the truth.”
“I am. This man is my husband.” Jayde walked over to stand next to Tyson placing her smaller body in front of his as if to protect him.
“Forgive me but why then are you in separate hotels?” He seemed smug.
Jayde didn’t miss a beat. “Well that’s easy. We are recreating our first meeting. It was so romantic.” She sighed, a dreamy sigh before continuing. “I was sitting at a table along the beach and then right there before my eyes he stood. I got up to leave and ran right into him. I guess you could say it was love at first sight. I mean it wasn’t here, but I like to travel. It’s just a little harmless role-playing. We check into hotels under separate names, I use my maiden name, and then we meet all over again. Keeps the spark alive.”
Tyson was amazed. Not knowing what to expect he hadn’t begun to hope for this kind of help from her. Despite the seriousness of the whole situation he found himself smiling at her gumption.
The captain scowled even more. “Then why didn’t he just say that three and a half hours ago?” he ground out in his grating voice.
Tyson could feel her body tense even if he couldn’t see her eyes. The captain could and for the second time that night he felt uneasy, had his intel been that wrong? “I’m sorry,” she drawled. “Are you saying y’all have had him in your custody for over three hours? Did you arrest him? Did you read him his rights?” Not even waiting for the man to answer she launched into a tirade.
“So you violated his rights. Do you know how much trouble you are in? You don’t get to do that to an American on a hunch. Much less without letting him call his lawyer.” Jayde even took a step toward him.
“And I suppose that is you?” The captain asked.
“No, my father has his own law firm. He would be the one to deal with international law. He is very good at his job. And don’t think I didn’t notice the blood on his head, if y’all injured him…” she warned.
The captain blanched. “I am still not sure all is as you say it is.”
“And.” She tossed at him, her curvaceous body trembling with anger at their treatment of the man behind her.
“We will leave you alone, after one thing.” The one thing the captain didn’t want was snooping lawyers. Nosy Americans were not good for business, his bosses wouldn’t like that.
“That would be?” Tyson asked.
“You renew your vows here.” The challenge was extended. “With one of our priests and then just sign another certificate and we will leave you alone.” Captain Alvarez expected the young American woman to refuse to get married. All they knew about the American male was he worked alone, so if he really was married this was all a big mistake.
“You want us to renew our vows?” Jayde questioned. Her heart in her throat. What did she get herself into? And was it really fear that had her heart beating so fast or the fact that she could pretend that the hunk of a man behind was her husband?
“Of course, it will just be a little thing.” With a wave he sent one of the men off. “I think it will just ease my mind a bit.” He smiled evilly. “Consider it our way of saying we are sorry for the misunderstanding.”
“Sure. When?” Jayde said.
“Now.” The captain said not liking how easily she agreed.
Jayde inhaled sharply, a sound that Tyson heard. He touched her back in silent support. “Honey, we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” He offered giving her a chance to back out, knowing full well that the certificate would be proof they were honestly married. “I know renewing our vows under these conditions was not what you had in mind.”
That’s putting it mildly. With a gentle smile she turned to face the man she had known for less than twenty-four hours. “What difference does it make what the situation is. We are just renewing what has already been said.”
“Good,” the captain exclaimed. “The priest will be here momentarily.”
“Just a minute!” Jayde screeched. “I am not; I repeat not doing this in my robe. So you have to leave so I can change.” At his hesitation she glared at them.
The captain took Tyson with “so you can’t make plans.” As he was shutting the door Jayde yelled, “Flowers! I want flowers also.”

Twenty minutes later, Jayde stood next to Tyson in front of a Catholic priest reciting her vows, holding a bouquet of mixed flowers the captain had brought for her. Tyson looked down at the woman who had just saved his bacon. She wore a knee length fuchsia skirt and black silk blouse, no shoes and her hair was still damp around her shoulders. Her brown skin was makeup free and he smelled the faint scent of baby powder. She had removed her earrings but the necklace was still in place. He heard her muttering under her breath the word ‘rose’.
The priest asked for her full name and the captain interrupted saying he wanted to hear it from the groom. So Tyson answered. “Jayde Rose Porter.” And got a huge smile from the woman he stood up with. Oh she was good. The captain was looking on her identification card and frowned as he saw Tyson was correct.
When it was Jayde’s turn to supply his name, Tyson panicked. How would she possibly know his name? But without missing a beat she said, “Tyson Randolph Kincade.”
Too soon it was time for the rings. Tyson produced two from his pocket. Simple bands made of titanium. He slid the ring over her ring finger on her left hand as he said his vows.
“I, Tyson Randolph Kincade, take thee Jayde Rose Porter to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse,” he sent her a wry smile, “for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish. Forsaking all others till parted by death. This is my solemn vow to you.” By the time he finished talking the ring was sitting snugly on her finger. The witch doctor’s words rang in his ears again as the ring fit her perfectly.
Jayde repeated the same thing as she slipped the ring on his finger. She noticed she was shaking. So did Tyson and all he did was lace their fingers together and gave her some of his silent strength. Somehow it was enough for she felt herself relaxing.
So while the priest smiled and said they were now husband and wife, Jayde was still in a state of shock until she felt her new husband’s lips on hers. Now she was in heaven, eagerly she leaned into him taking all of what he gave her.
When Tyson pulled away both of them were breathing hard. The priest shoved the certificate at them and took one copy for himself after they signed it. Then everyone else left the newlyweds alone.
The door shut and the room was silent as Jayde and Tyson stared at each other.
Tyson saw the tirade forming on her lips and stopped her with a finger across his mouth and a silent head shake. Warily, she stayed silent, for about five seconds.
“Well honey,” she stated. “Not exactly how I anticipated our vow renewal to go. But I suppose another year, another surprise.” She arched a brow at him, crossed her arms and tapped her bare foot on the floor, bringing his eyes to her lapis blue toenails.
“I’m sorry,” he said. “This isn’t exactly what I had planned either.” He turned on the stereo system to find some romantic music and adjusted the volume to cover their voices. Taking a hold of her arm he steered her gently towards the bed and sat beside her as she turned angry eyes on him.
“Start talking,” she seethed. Her face was flushed with anger, her eyes sparkled and Tyson realized again just how truly beautiful she was. “I would almost think you had this planned, where did you get the rings?”
“Look, I am so sorry about this whole thing. I didn’t mean to get you involved.” He said and at her look of disbelief he continued. “I am currently—or was—working for a counterterrorism unit for our government. Those men are drug runners who supply, buy and sell information to terrorists. When I got injured they put me on leave and I ended up down here. I noticed at dinner two of those guys watching me. After I got back to my hotel room they showed up with those other two men and took me with them. To be questioned.” Tyson watched as she narrowed her eyes in disbelief.
“I know it was wrong of me to bring you into this, but it seemed to be my only option,” he paused. “The rings belong to me. I wish I could tell you more but I can’t. Please trust me. I am not a spy; they didn’t want you to trust me. Just for a little longer, trust me. I am one of the good guys.” He didn’t want to tell her that the rings sealed their fate together, for all eternity—that might just freak her out.
Jayde just shook her head. It was just too unreal for her to stay angry. But she did hear the faint plea in his statement, and she knew he wasn’t a man that asked for assistance much. “Okay Tyson. I will go along with this for a while. For some reason I do trust you, not sure why but I do.” She reached out and touched his arm, ignoring the feel of desire his body on hers gave. “So where does this leave us?”
Tyson released a huge breath that he didn’t realize he had been holding. She was going to go along with him on this. She trusted him, a proud smile grew on his face. “Well, I have to place some calls to some people in the states and then I think I owe you some more explanations.”
She nodded as she stood up. “I think you do.”
“Thank you for trusting me.” His eyes were gentle as they looked upon her dark beauty. Damn, I have never seen a woman like her before in my life. Although a world traveler, he had never known a woman to affect him this way.
“Well,” she said with a forced lightheartedness, “if a wife can’t trust her husband then who can she trust?” Then she turned and walked into the bathroom shutting herself off from him for a bit.

Jayde just needed some time. She changed her clothes quickly as she put on her originally intended clothing from her shower before things went crazy. She put on a pair of men’s pajama bottoms and a cutoff sweatshirt.
She leaned on the marbled bathroom countertop and looked in the mirror at her reflection. Running the cold water she splashed some on her face and used the thick absorbent towel to dry her face off. She continued to stare. What had she done? What was her family going to say? Would she even tell them? Doubtful.
Standing there she noticed something about her reflection that she had never seen before. Her hands still held the towel in front of her face but now she detected something different, the glittering of silver on her left hand. Her wedding ring.
She put down the towel and held her hand up, palm towards her face and looked. The ring shone brilliantly against her dark skin. And it looked like it belonged there.
“Well, my family was always after me to do something. I guess getting married is something. Besides, it won’t hold up once we get back to the states,” she spoke to her reflection. “I could always put it as helping my country.” She smiled and saw that she looked almost happy. She was glowing.

Jayde walked back out into the main part of her suite and found Tyson on the phone. He looked up as she entered and sent her a soft smile along with a gesture she took to mean ‘just a few minutes’. She nodded and took a seat on the chaise lounge in the room, closing her eyes as she listened to the comforting rumble of his deep voice mixed with the seductive music that played in the room and the pounding of the rain on the windows.
Tyson watched as his new wife settled herself on the lounge; she looked so delectable lying there with her eyes closed. He understood that she must be exhausted, nothing like this was ever easy and she was holding herself together admirably.
The voice in his ear had worn into a faint hum so he had to shake his head and fully concentrate on what his boss was saying to him. Even as he talked his eyes never left Jayde, and he knew the exact moment she fell asleep. Her chest rose and fell in a rhythmic pattern, one arm held a pillow at her side with the other arm lying between her breasts.
Finally his calls had been made. He shut the phone and walked over to where she lay slumbering. Pulling up a straight back chair, Tyson sat down beside her body that was dead to the world. “Thank you, thank you my little rose,” he whispered brushing her hair back from her face. “Thank you for trusting me.” For a few moments he stayed beside her watching her sleep.
Then he became restless. There was so much he wanted to do with her and to her, but he had to figure out a way to keep her safe. Those men were dangerous and now she was his responsibility. It was his fault she was possibly in danger. He snorted with disdain as he amended his thought; she was in danger from them now.
He strode to the window and looked out on the town below. The rain still came down in torrential sheets. Maybe he could convince her to go with him to another place, really act like a married couple. He knew for a fact that they would be watched for the remainder of their time here.
Eyes that had hardened with menace at the thought of someone hurting Jayde softened as he turned away to view the woman he had promised to protect. Tyson walked over to her and picked her up, realizing that she felt light in his arms. In fact she felt damn near perfect. She wasn’t a petite woman, she was ideal. And for the time being she was all his.
He placed her reluctantly on the bed and covered her up with a blanket. Tyson gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and groaned as he realized just how much he would love to explore every nook and cranny of her luscious body. “Damn, I must be some kind of saint,” he said as he shook his head in disbelief. He took a blanket over to the lounge so that he could sleep between her and the door. Tyson knew that he was in for a restless night but he didn’t survive sleep deprivation training for nothing. So he cleaned up the remaining traces of blood on his head and went to bed.
Jayde woke up to the sunlight hitting her eyes. She opened them slowly against the glare. Her movements were slow as she organized her body to get moving. “That was one messed up dream,” she said to the room she believed was empty.
A deep voice rang through the room, “I don’t think it was a dream.”
Jayde screamed and bolted up out of bed. Her legs got tangled in the blankets and she pitched backwards towards the corner of the wrought iron nightstand. She found herself in a pair of strong arms that held her immobile just shy of her banging her head and she discovered herself staring into a pair of hazel eyes that seemed remarkably familiar to her.
“Easy there.” He set her on her feet and still had a hold on her shoulders as he asked, “Okay now?”
“Fine. I’m fine,” she said with an undeniably shaky voice. “Thanks for…that.” She gestured over her shoulder. Jayde sat down on the edge of the bed. “It wasn’t a dream was it?”
“No. Are you disappointed?”
“Well, I don’t really know you. But since we aren’t even in America, I don’t think there will be any lasting damage done.” She smiled briefly. “How about breakfast?” Every time she got nervous she ate, which was why she wasn’t pencil thin.
“It’s on its way up. I ordered a bit of everything since I don’t really know what you like.” He couldn’t help but reaching out and stroking the side of her face before walking away from her.
Jayde tried to calm her rapid heartbeat. She didn’t know this man and now she was helping him out of some kind of mess. What kind she didn’t know and apparently wouldn’t have time to ask since there was someone knocking at the door. She stayed by the bed as Tyson answered it admitting room service.
The man that brought in the cart made Jayde feel self-conscious and so she instinctively moved closer to Tyson. She noticed his understanding look as his arm settled protectively around her shoulder, tucking her close to his side. Aware of the man’s gaze on her she laid her head against Tyson and tried to look in love. An attempt that she had pulled off better than she would ever had imagined.
Tyson tipped the man and walked with Jayde still beside him, to the door and shut it behind the hotel employee, leaving them alone again. “Well, I hope you’re hungry,” he said in a light voice.
“Starved.” And she was. Jayde sat down at the table and stared in shock as Tyson began to fix her a plate. No one had ever done that for her before. He pointed and she nodded or shook her head, once it was filled he placed it in front of her and fixed his own.
“So,” he asked later in between bites of scrambled eggs, “what do you want to do today?”
“Go to the jaguar preserve. You remember right, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve? That was going to be today’s venture.” She took a long drink of her juice and waited. She wasn’t about to give up going to the one place she had actually come down here to see and was willing to fight for the chance.
“Whatever my little rose wants, she gets.” He silently toasted her, she was still acting like this whole thing was planned from the moment they arrived in Belize. Then just about choked on his juice at her next statement.
“Well, since the whole jig is up, I suppose you should go and get your things to move in here, since I like my room better,” Jayde said. And I have no idea where your room is.
“I suppose so,” he stared at her but she avoided his gaze. “I will do that right now,” he said almost as a question as he wiped his mouth with a napkin.
Jayde still wouldn’t look at him. “Yes. And I will get ready for our day.” She slid her chair back from the table and walked towards the bathroom, her body quivering more and more with every step she took. The door didn’t get a chance to be closed before his hand was there pushing it back open.
“Jayde,” he said as he forced his way into the bathroom. Although his hands have killed, he was extremely gentle as he turned her towards him and brought her chin up to meet his gaze. Tyson felt his heart break as he saw the lone tear begin the run down her smooth face. “Oh Jayde,” he moaned. “What have I done?” He gathered her into her chest and held her against him.
“I’ll be fine,” she sniffed. “I think I am just a bit overwhelmed. Even if we are just acting for these men, I don’t usually have men in my room.”
Tyson didn’t have the heart or balls to tell her it wasn’t an act. They were truly and legally wed, that was a real document she signed and that man had been a real Catholic priest. “I can keep my room at the other hotel,” he presented the option.
“No, I don’t want them hauling you off to jail. You will stay here.” Jayde pulled back from his chest and looked up at him. “Besides, it might be nice to have a husband while I’m here. That way people will leave me alone.” A few of the hotel staff had been hitting on her and it was getting old, Jayde wasn’t a huge fan of attention.
Damn straight they will. “Glad I won’t be too much of an inconvenience to you.”
All she did was smile softly. “Well, you should get going.” She wiped the last remnants of the tear off her cheek. “I’ll be waiting.”
“I hope so.” Tyson couldn’t stop his next movement anymore than he could stop the blood that flowed through his veins. He cupped her face and lowered his mouth to hers.
At the first touch of his lips her knees nearly buckled. Her hands already around his waist moved up to his neck. One of them moaned as their tongues met and danced.
Tyson’s hands moved lower and back up again this time under her cutoff sweatshirt. The feel of her satin skin beneath his hands made him tighten his hold on her body. Her curves enticed him in ways he had never dreamed.
Jayde trembled. All through her body she trembled. In all her life she had never met a man who made her feel this lustful, this impassioned. She gave herself over to the feelings for once.
Tyson felt the change in her response. It was like she was a different person who was clamoring to get into his skin. A small voice in the back of his mind told him not to do this, not to take advantage of the situation, but that voice was outvoted by the lust coursing through his body.
Her shirt was removed baring her full chest to his gaze. His eyes darkened with warm heat as he licked his lips, “You are a work of art,” he whispered. Tyson’s shirt soon followed and he closed his eyes as her hands touched his bare chest.
“You are so strong,” she breathed as her fingers traced his defined abdominal muscles, all eight of them. There was a puckered scar across the lower part of his ribcage that she touched gently. “Where did you get this?”
“At work.” He reached in and kissed her again effectively silencing her, except for the purr that grew from the back of her throat.
Tyson drew her back against the warmth of his body before scooping her up, his hands under her butt and walking forward until she was sitting on the edge of the sink. He kept her legs spread around his lean hips, allowing her to feel just how much he desired her.
Jayde felt the wetness between her legs as she tightened her grip around his waist. It was a wonderful feeling. Everywhere he touched her she felt a burning. Although she wanted to go through that metaphoric gate she still hesitated.
But it wasn’t meant to be, at least not right now. The sound of a cell phone broke through their impassioned state.
Both of them drew back and looked at each other with smoldering eyes. Tyson winced as he heard the sound again but leaned down and placed a long lingering kiss on her swollen lips.
“This will be continued,” he vowed as he backed slowly out of the room before turning and answering his phone.

14 April 2008

Kincade's Rose--chapter 2--unedited

Happy Monday, y'all:


At five to six that evening, a handsomely dressed Tyson Kincade was waiting for his dinner date in the lobby of her hotel. He wore a light gray spread collar dress shirt, a dark green tie and a black single-breasted jacket. He also wore a pair of black dress pants, with the creases just so perfect. Military.
Bottom line, the man that Jayde saw as she walked up from the side was mouthwatering gorgeous. He sensed her approach more than anything else. When he turned to look at her he smiled, a smile of male satisfaction.
Jayde wore a dress that shimmered when she walked. It was dark green with metallic purple threads running through it. Form-fitting yet still extremely elegant with a sweetheart neckline it allowed him to see just the tops of her plentiful cleavage. As she walked towards him he saw the tempting flash of skin as her leg peeked through the slit on the left side. She wore modest two inch heels on her feet. Tyson appreciated all of her luscious curves in the dress.
“Damn,” was all he could say when she stopped next to him. Her hair was up in some intricate looking twist except for two pieces that hung down by her ears. She had on only a bit of lip gloss and he was smitten. She wore a gold necklace with a pendant that looked an awful lot like a locking or ‘D’ karabiner on it. Another mystery she had. In her ears she had simple golden rose shaped earrings.
“Good evening Tyson Kincade. You look very handsome this evening.” Her voice was melodious to his ears.
“You are stunning and beautiful.” He kissed her hand, silently applauding his control to not take her right here on the floor of the hotel lobby.
She blushed. “Thank you.” A smile crossed her face as she looked around, “Ready to eat?”
“Oh yeah.” The flames in his eyes didn’t exactly spell out food he craved, more like her.
They walked up arm in arm to the maître d'. As the tuxedo dressed man was escorting them to their table she nudged him. Tyson’s hazel eyes looked away from the dance floor they passed and down to her as he said, “What is it my little rose?” Dear God, don’t let her have changed her mind.
“Jayde.” Was all she said.
After they had been seated he said, “Jayde? What does that mean?”
“It’s my name.” She took a sip of water to wet her parched throat. “Jayde Porter.”
Tyson nodded. “I like it, it fits you.”
“It’s a freebie. Just because you look so handsome,” she said with a small smile.
“Meaning you don’t want a kiss for it,” he teased her and loved how she blushed. But he took pity on her and changed the subject. “What do you do?”
Jayde sighed. Leaning forward she put her chin on her crossed hands showing the very empty ring finger off to Tyson. “I am currently working at a customer service job. Not exactly my career choice but I needed more money.”
I needed more money, that phrase set off warning bells in Tyson’s head. Carrie had needed more money. How could his perfect woman be like his ex? Was it possible? He just nodded and silently encouraged her to continue. She did.
“I was there…listen to me like you know where there is, New York…I was there in New York to take care of a terminally ill cousin. I guess I never realized just how expensive New York really was so I had to get the other job to supplement all her medications and stuff. She couldn’t afford it on her own, especially since I was living there and her utilities went up. She passed away two months ago and I have just sort of stayed there. Working at the same horrible job. But, until I figure out how I am going to get wherever I think I want to go, this will have to do. I guess I was just long overdue for a vacation. So here I am.” She blinked and smiled softly before it brightened and she said, “What about you?”
Tyson was shocked. Could she be for real? A woman who didn’t really feel that money was everything, and live for spas? “I am on medical leave from my job right now. Well my second job, I was temporarily reassigned from my first job and then I got injured on my second one, so now they are determining whether or not I will be able to return to my original position. Or the second one.” He put his hazel eyes on hers waiting for her to ask more questions.
“I am sorry to hear that. Did you prefer the original position?” Jayde wondered.
A wicked glint entered his gaze. “I prefer all positions, the original just as much as others.”
Jayde bit her tongue to keep from groaning out loud at the trembling that had set up shop in her stomach. “I meant your first job. Do you like that one better?”
Tyson loved being a SEAL more than anything and he didn’t know how he would manage if he wasn’t allowed to be one anymore. “More than anything, I love my first job.”
“In that case, I hope that you can return,” Jayde was dying to know what ‘medical’ problem he had. Because the way they responded to each other she hoped to God it wasn’t an STD. It sounded a bit too serious for that though.
“Me too.” He was surprised that she didn’t pry into his past further. A woman who could respect privacy, what a novelty.
Tyson was used to the “groupies” that would sleep with any man that wore the Budweiser, the Trident pin that marked a man in the SEAL teams. When he had met Carrie, she was different—or so he thought. He had believed that she cared about him, turns out all she wanted was his money, but apparently it wasn’t enough when she snuck into his personal files and found out how much he really made, he just had a good savings account. “Had” being the operative word.
So she turned to another man, one that was extremely wealthy and around more. She had him believing that pretty much all women were the same until Jayde. There was something about her that made him want to give commitment a chance. Of course it could be because he hadn’t been with a woman in over fourteen months, since working on his latest assignment he hadn’t been able to ‘see’ Carrie. And he wasn’t even wearing proof of being in the Teams. But he would bet it was because of Jayde.
They ate in silence for a bit before Tyson spoke. “Why did you agree to have dinner with me?”
The instant flare of heat in her dark eyes told him way more than she would admit to out loud. “I am not sure. I wasn’t sure it would be smart, but there is something about you.”
His eyebrows arched. “Something about me? Care to explain that?” He tore off another piece of bread and put it in his mouth as he waited for her answer.
Jayde took another drink of her iced tea before she answered him. “There is just something about you that makes me feel…well…protected. I can’t explain it; you have this air about you.”
“Are you saying I stink?” he asked with an affronted look and sniffed himself.
She laughed. “No, not that kind of air. Maybe an “aura” would be a better word, I am not sure I can explain this.”
“Try,” Tyson sat across from a woman that he had known only a few hours in awe. He never would have guessed that he had any kind of ‘air’ or ‘aura’ at all. Sure when he had been with his SEAL team, it was a dangerous one but he had been away from them for about a year now.
“Okay,” she drawled, giving Tyson a real glimpse into her past. She was a southerner. “There is this look on your face that tells people around you not to mess with you. That you know how to defend yourself, it doesn’t look aggressive just confident.”
Jayde shook her head slightly and cocked it to the side. “But at the same time I see a gentle strength in you that says you are willing to protect. And I feel safe with you, which says a lot since I don’t trust many men.” That blush he enjoyed so much filled her cheeks. “Anyway, that’s why I agreed to dinner, ‘cause I feel safe with you.”
“You are safe with me,” he said as he reached one hand across the table to grasp one of hers. “I would never let anyone harm you.” There was a fierceness to his tone that made Jayde wonder just who this man was.
All she could do was smile and look away to her plate of food. Tugging her hand back she began to cut her chicken so both hands would be busy. There had been a possessive fire in his eyes that made her tremble.
As she looked away from him a tingle went up Tyson’s spine. He glanced around the room and found some of the local authorities looking at him. Jayde was hidden by the person behind her, but they had spotted him and were gesturing and speaking with agitated motions. After a moment they disappeared but he didn’t feel any relief. He had learned a long time ago to trust his gut and it didn’t like what he had seen.
“Is everything alright, Tyson?” Jayde’s voice broke into his thoughts.
“Sure. Just thinking about work and things.” He didn’t want to worry her.
Jayde nodded. “Tell me more about you.”
“For a woman who didn’t want to give me her name, you sure want to know a lot about me.” He teased.
“Humor me,” she quipped as she finished her meal and wiped her mouth. I love it that he has a sense of humor.
“Yes ma’am. What do you want to know?” Tyson laid his utensils down on the table done with his meal as well.
Jayde put her elbows on the table and leaned on her fists to stare directly at him. “Surprise me.”
Tyson too leaned in. “I grew up in Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth area. Went to college at the best; the University of Texas.” He didn’t tell her that after one year there that he wanted something different and transferred to Annapolis for OCS.
“Go Longhorns,” she added with a grin.
“You a Longhorn?” he asked as an olive skinned man pushing a cart full of desserts stopped by their table. Four shelves of mouthwatering pastries sat there waiting for their decisions. Tempting their stomachs that didn’t seem so full anymore.
“No. But some of my good friends are.” She paused to point out which dessert from the passing cart she wanted to try. A bread pudding soaked in whiskey sauce. “I am a Bulldog. UGA all the way baby.”
He laughed. “Football fan, huh?” Tyson pointed to a triple layered chocolate cake drizzled in a raspberry sauce.
“Love it,” she said with rising enthusiasm. Her entire body glowed by way of her animation. “I watch more professional now than anything, but I still follow college.” They fell silent as their desserts were placed in front of them by a pretty young woman who was with the man; her only job was to put the desserts from the cart onto the table. And they both began to eat the desserts.
“How’s yours?” Tyson asked as he watched Jayde eat another forkful.
Without hesitation Jayde got some on her fork holding it out across the table for him to try. As his mouth closed around her fork she envisioned him sucking on her mouth and other parts that desperately wanted his attentions. “Mmmm.” He sighed and licked his lips, “Delicious. Here, try mine.”
Jayde accepted the chocolate bite from the man across the table from her. Damn her mind for traveling down roads best left alone. “That’s good.”
She swallowed again as she watched him relish what little chocolate there was leftover from her taste. His hazel eyes never left hers as he drew the fork into his mouth to clean it off.
“Everything he does is erotic,” Jayde muttered softly under her breath. Not soft enough though because Tyson heard it and his body responded, hardening to the point of being almost painful.

After dinner was over they had hot drinks, Tyson drank coffee and Jayde had tea. “So tell me why you wanted to have dinner with me,” Jayde asked the handsome man across from her.
“I didn’t want our time together to end so soon. I wanted…and still do want to get to know you better,” Tyson answered the woman who had ensnared him.
“Right. You just wanted my name.” Her eyes twinkled with good humor.
“That too.” He winked. Sliding his chair back he stood and walked around the table to her side. “Dance with me,” his voice implored. He didn’t understand what she was doing to him; he had hated dancing with Carrie and would avoid doing it at all cost. So why was it so important for him to dance with Jayde? Because he wanted to hold her in his arms once again.
How could she not? “Okay,” Jayde got to her feet and felt like she was floating as he walked her over to where other couples were dancing.
With ease he maneuvered them out onto the dance floor. He was an easy man to follow and as she laid her head on his chest, an action that seemed natural for her, they moved around effortlessly.
Content to hold her in his arms, Tyson kept them out there for three songs. She moved so well in his arms on the dance floor, he knew that they would move this well in bed together.
After the third song, he escorted her back to their table; once again his hand was on the small of her back. They passed a large mirrored surface and Tyson got a good look at them. They made a wonderful couple. Him fair, her dark. Him tall, her shorter. Him trim and her curvaceous. He also noticed that other people were watching them in an almost jealous way.
Tyson helped her back into her chair and then reclaimed his seat, signaling for another round of drinks.
“Thank you,” she said.
“For what?”
“The dance. You are a wonderful dancer.”
“You as well. But you are welcome just the same. Tell me more about you,” Tyson said as their drinks were filled.
He stirred his coffee as a storm rolled into the area they could hear the thunder rumbling.
“Not much to tell. I lead a very boring life.” Little did she know that was about to change.
“I doubt that. What about your family?” His eyes moved around the room before settling back on her face.
“My parents are alive and well in Savannah, Georgia. I have three brothers and two sisters. I am the youngest at twenty-nine. They all want to control my life and that is about it.” She smiled sadly.
“I don’t see how your life could be boring with five siblings in it. If I can ask without it being too personal, how come you were the one sent to take care of your cousin?” Tyson asked as he drank some coffee.
“Because I hadn’t started what they considered a real career yet. So I went to New York. But I got away from ‘the bosses’, my family, for a while. I am glad I went, sorry she died, but glad I was there with her. If that makes any sense.” Jayde shrugged.
“It does. It makes perfect sense. You needed to get away from your ‘overbearing’ family and though you are sorry it took a family member’s illness to do so, you were glad you got to go.”
“You do understand.” Jayde looked at him even closer. For a moment she wondered what it would be like to have a man like him in her life, to come home to everyday. Perfect, it would be perfect.
“So, what is your big ‘career’ that you haven’t started yet?” he asked as he saw her blush and wondered what she was thinking.
“I don’t know. I went to school for business, but I love to paint. So I doubled and got an art degree as well. But the family doesn’t think that will pay the bills so I have to find a good business. I suppose I could always work for Father, but I don’t want to. My whole life I have been the baby. The one who needs ‘looking after’ since I can’t make good decisions according to them, but I take care of them all when it comes down to it. I just want to do something for me, that I love.”
Tyson saw the passion that flared in her eyes as she talked about painting. “Then paint. Just do it.”
“Maybe.” She shrugged one shoulder, “What about you? Your family?”
“Well, I am a middle child. I have an older brother and a younger sister. I am thirty-five and my parents are also still living. My mom is a hospital administrator and my father owns a propane business. My oldest brother and I don’t get along very well. He works for the post office as does my younger sister, she is a gem. You would love her. I don’t get home to see her much. I don’t see eye to eye with my father either, he wants me to be home with the rest of the family.”
Jayde could see that was a source of tension for him and so didn’t pursue it further. The light chiming of a phone reached them. “Excuse me, that’s my cell phone.” She opened her purse and flipped her phone open. “Hello?” She rolled her eyes, an action that brought another smile to Tyson’s face. “I’m fine. I’m in the middle of dinner. No, Sam, it is at my hotel so I am perfectly safe. I’m fine. Goodnight, Sam.” She hung up her phone.
“Brother one, two or three?” he asked as she brought another grin to his face with her annoyed expression. Amazed at the amount of times he had smiled since he met her, Tyson didn’t want to let her walk out of his life. Even the three years he was with Carrie he hadn’t smiled this much or this freely.
“Second oldest, which means the other two along with my sisters and parents will be calling soon, so I should call it a night. Thank you very much for a wonderful evening, Tyson Kincade.” Jayde gathered her purse and opened it and brought out her wallet.
He didn’t want the evening to end but he had never pressured a woman to share his time, so he waved for the bill. Jayde began to protest him paying for her portion until he gave her a look that silenced her.
As they walked through the dinning area to the lobby she said, “You didn’t have to pay for my dinner.”
“A date is a date. Now, I am walking you to your door.”
“Of course.” She led the way to the elevator where they stood with other guests as it went up to the fifth floor where she motioned they should get off.
Tyson walked beside her down the hall until she stopped at her door. Room 5627. “Your key?” He waited for her to give him her card key and opened the door for her.
Jayde walked into her room but Tyson remained in the doorway. “Again, thank you for dinner,” she said as she saw him watching her intently with his hazel eyes.
“You’re welcome, Jayde.”
The sound of her name rolling off his tongue should have been one of the seven deadly sins. “Goodnight, Tyson.”
“Jayde?” His seductive voice caressed her.
“Yes?” She set her purse down and faced him again as she stood by the door.
“I am claiming number two,” he said seconds before he kissed her.
Like the first time they kissed, her world spun out of control. His touch electrified her body. As his tongue stroked hers, she felt a reckless desire deep within her soul for this man.
He broke it off, his own breathing came fast and hard. One hand trailed down her face. “Goodnight. Dream of me.” Then he was gone. She had blinked and he was gone, like he hadn’t been there at all. If not for her swollen lips she would have sworn it was all a dream.
Still trembling, Jayde shut the door and locked it. Never had a man affected her like that. Jesus, why did he have to be such a gentleman?
Before she could dwell too much on that issue, her phone rang again and for the next three hours she spoke to—was lectured by—her family as they called to make sure she was still breathing and to let her know they thought what she was doing was stupid and childish. Then she finally made it into the shower where she let the pounding spray ease away her tension for the man she had just met this very day.

07 April 2008

Chapter One of Kincade's Rose--unedited


Hot damn he’s fine! My every fantasy come to life.
Jayde Porter sat at the outdoor café in the warm tropical breeze, overlooking the inviting turquoise water. The thought that she almost turned down this vacation still shocked her. Belize was so warm and beautiful unlike the cold weather in New York this winter.
She sipped her iced tea and smiled sardonically as she looked around at the many couples that wandered in and out of the surf. And here she was alone. I suppose this is the price I have to pay for coming all by my lonesome.
Well, she could have come with the man she had been dating for the past seven and a half months, George, if she had not broken it off. And if she were honest with herself, she didn’t want him here, nor anywhere near her. That was another reason she was glad to be alone; George was a handful. He was arrogant, condescending, and most definitely an asshole.
Suddenly, a man walking across the boardwalk caught her attention, every other person faded from her sight. She focused in on the man wearing khakis and a white polo shirt as if she had tunnel vision. He screamed virility without trying. Hell, he dripped it.
It wasn’t that he bulged with muscles; his were lean and defined but very real. He was evenly tanned and his shaggy brown hair looked like it was in need of a trim. A very good looking man. Caucasian men didn’t usually turn her head, but this one was downright fine. The thought that he looked ominous and capable came to her mind instantaneously, along with the word sex. It was like looking at a jungle predator, beautiful and deadly at the same time.
She wet her dry lips before taking another sip of the drink keeping a small ice cube in her mouth for her cottonmouth. He seemed to be looking for someone and as he turned around back towards the ocean she got to see the finest ass she had seen since she had been here. The finest one in her life. She bit down on the piece of ice with her back teeth and continued to stare at his retreating body.
Hot damn, he’s fine! My every fantasy come to life. It seemed as she blinked and tried to slow her breathing he disappeared. “Oh well,” she murmured to the air. “He’s probably married anyways, or has some blonde adoring girlfriend. Just another man for my fantasies.” And he would be a good one.
The beeping of her watch broke intrusively into her daydream. Damn. She may be on vacation but she still had some people she had been ordered to call at a certain time. Gesturing for the check, she paid her bill and stood shouldering her bag that was full of souvenirs.
Jayde turned to walk the quarter mile back to her hotel. Two steps into her journey she ran into something that felt like a brick wall. “Ah hell,” she swore as she dropped her bag and stumbled, only to find herself in the strong grip of a stranger.
Looking over her skewed sunglasses, Jayde came face to face with none other than her fantasy man from the boardwalk. In that second, her bag was forgotten on the pavement of the walkway, its contents free for the taking if anyone were inclined to abscond with them.
After she felt the blush stain her cheeks she cleared her throat. “Excuse me,” the mumbled words came from her once again dry mouth. She licked her lips and hoped that he wouldn’t notice her blush or her nervousness.
He noticed. “No, the fault is all mine. Excuse me.” The stranger had a deep rich voice, the kind that made women weep with sexual frustration. He still hadn’t let go of her arms. Jayde could feel his fingers molding into the soft flesh of her triceps. He was branding her as his.
“Let me help you with that,” he offered as he stared into her beautiful big brown eyes. His body was trembling with a feeling he hadn’t ever felt before, and didn’t want to lose.
What the hell was he talking about? She was lost in his eyes. Oh yeah, her bag. “N...n...no,” she stuttered. “I can do it.” She paused for a moment; his eyes were hazel with green flecks in them. “Can you let go of me?”
“I don’t want to,” he whispered a response that she almost missed. Almost. In a louder voice he said, “Sorry.”
A second after his hands dropped from her body she felt the loss. Jayde chalked it up to loads of sexual frustration and him being so damn fine. Oh he was nice and tall, about six three. She knelt down and began to shove everything back into her beach bag.
Moments later she felt rather than saw, since she refused to look at him, his presence as he crouched down as well. His hands, lean yet strong and nicely tanned with clean fingernails, reached out and began to pick up some of her scattered things.
“You don’t have to…” she protested.
“It’s entirely my fault that it happened,” he responded as he stood up and offered a hand down to the woman at his feet.
Tyson couldn’t believe his past four months. He had been forced out from work on indefinite leave because of a medical issue, if that was what he could call a knife wound to the abdomen. To top it off, he had arrived home early from the stakeout situation only to find his fiancée in his bed with another man. The guy was someone with more money than him and had more time.
So three and a half months after kicking her out, he booked himself a vacation to Belize because he needed to get away from people he knew, people that wanted to check in on him all the time.
Deciding he needed some time to think about his future if he wasn’t allowed back into the Teams. Tyson was a solitary man and didn’t have many people he would call friends, with the exception of the members of the Megalodon Team. He liked to be alone. He operated best alone.
So he had come to this particular hangout along the beach for the first time since he had been in the tourist town and he saw her. Sitting alone under a big umbrella sipping on a tall cool drink, her full lips curving deliciously around a straw. He had no idea what she was doing alone because if she was his woman, she wouldn’t be left alone at all.
Tyson had literally frozen in place while he looked at her. Something from her reached out to him and intertwined itself onto his very essence, if he hadn’t known better he would have sworn he was looking across a crowded café front at his soul mate. She was not what he would have expected for his soul mate, but as of late his life had been full of surprises.
Her skin was perfect medium brown; she had shiny black hair that fell past her shoulders. But it was her smile that touched a part of him that he thought was dead; while she was looking in his direction she got a heated, intimate and passionately private look on her face.
He felt like a voyeur as he stared upon her. When her tongue snuck out to wet her lips, he groaned. Turning around had been the only way for him to salvage what was left of his sanity. Even his ex-fiancée hadn’t affected him like this. Tyson had walked off blending into the crowd until he got his control back.
Losing control was not his usual forte. In his line of work it could be dangerous. Lieutenant Tyson Kincade was a Navy SEAL who was currently on TAD (Temporary Assigned Duty). He was waiting to hear if he would be allowed to continue with the counterterrorism unit. When he did turn back around he saw she was getting ready to walk away.
Not one who usually jumps right in with a woman he surprised himself when he found himself heading for her. It had taken him over a month just to ask out his ex. Tyson was unsure of what to say to the mystery woman to break the ice. Before he could come up with something he ran into her, literally. Acting on pure instinct he reached out to steady her only to find he didn’t want to let her go. Ever.
So now here she knelt at his feet, taking his mind to all sorts of places. Places it shouldn’t necessarily be heading. Like how those full lips of hers will — not would — feel on parts of his body. How her limbs seemed built to fit exactly in his. Loving the view she offered his lecherous eyes as her top was exposing herself to him, he thoroughly enjoyed the green bra she wore. Unsure of what to do now he extended his hand to offer her assistance in returning to her feet.
Jayde took his hand, trembling at the slight contact. He had a strong grip and it made her feel safe, protected. It was with incredible ease that he pulled her up to her feet showing that his arms held immense strength in them. Her eyes met his and she smiled. “Thank you.” She looked at his other hand and after tugging free of his grip opened her bag for him to deposit the remaining things inside it.
“You’re welcome. Again, I’m sorry about that,” he said as he set her things inside the mess of her beach bag.
“I should have been a bit more careful with where I was going,” she said and thought about his beautiful smile.
“Well, it’s nice to meet you,” his deep voice remarked. Tyson wasn’t sure what to make of the tilting of her head. Was she skeptical, scared?
“We haven’t officially met,” she observed and straightened her sunglasses, his view of her brown eyes once again hidden by darkened glass.
He sketched a bow. There was something about this woman. He didn’t want to leave her presence. “Hello, my name is Tyson. Tyson Kincade.” His greeting came with a stunning smile against his tanned skin. His lean hand reached out to close the distance between them.
Jayde took the hand and shook it, admiring the feel of his definitely callused hand on hers for the second time in the space of a few minutes. “Nice to meet you Tyson, Tyson Kincade.”
His top lip quirked along with his eyebrow as he tightened his hold on her hand when she tried to take it back. “That’s it? What about your name?”
A full smile crossed her face showing pearly white, beautifully straight teeth that gleamed against her darker skin. “Well, I already know my name,” she answered in a sweet southern drawl.
He laughed. A laugh that made her body clench with unreasonable desire. “But what about me?” His laughter sounded odd to him as well, for he hadn’t laughed in many months. Not that he had a reason to do so before.
She never lost her grin and her eyes sparkled behind the shades as she responded, “I know who you are as well. You just told me, you are Tyson, Tyson Kincade. Sounds kinda like James, James Bond.” Jayde removed her hand from his grasp and clutched her bag tighter, more than a little unnerved by her body’s reaction to his simple touch.
“You’re clever. I still want to know your name.” He stepped in closer bringing with him the scent of sandalwood and man, pure man. The grip on her bag wasn’t one of fear just caution, he noticed.
“I don’t know you well enough, besides I have to go. I have a few calls to make.” Her dark eyes moved over his body.
“Sure you aren’t just trying to get rid of me?”
Another brilliant flash of teeth. “I’m sure. I have to call home,” Jayde admitted.
“Husband?” Tyson wanted that answer to be negative, at the same time he heard the reluctance in her voice about calling home and decided even if she did have one it wasn’t a good relationship and so therefore shouldn’t feel guilty about his sinful thoughts towards her. And wouldn’t.
She shook her head, sending the subtle scent of grapefruit up to tantalize his nose. “No. No husband. I would hope that if I were married, he would want to be with me.” George was unquestionably not the one she wanted to be married to. This man however, she could easily picture waking up next to his body morning after morning.
“I know I would,” Tyson said immediately.
Jayde chose to ignore that statement. “Anyway, it was nice to meet you Tyson, Tyson Kincade. Excuse me.” As she walked around him he spun as well and fell into step beside her. “What are you doing?” she asked.
“Walking you to your door,” he said and continued to walk resolutely. He found her answering giggle and blush endearing.
“Isn’t walking someone to their door, done after a date? At night.” Her brown eyes glanced towards his without hesitation, for she was somewhat protected behind the glasses.
“Most of the time. But my mama raised me to be a gentleman. So I am walking you to your door,” he claimed.
“Your mama, huh?” Jayde smiled at the thought of his mother teaching him manners.
“Yes, Ma’am. Are you going to give me your name?” Hazel eyes implored.
“I don’t know. I don’t know you.” She was glad her glasses hid her eyes.
She was smart. Tyson applauded her reserve to give out information, but damn it all he wanted to know her name. “You know my name. How about this…have dinner with me tonight,” he offered as a suggestion...or a solution.
Jayde stopped walking and faced him. “Dinner?” She even removed her sunglasses allowing him to see the expressive eyes she had.
“Yes, you do eat don’t you?” Tyson wasn’t about to give in. He was going to hold onto this like a dog with a bone, he wanted to know all about her.
Like he didn’t see she wasn’t rail thin. “Of course. It’s just that…”
“Don’t tell me you have plans. With your boyfriend?” Tyson frowned at that thought.
“No plans, no boyfriend and that is not what I was even going to say.” She put one hand on a shapely hip and stared at him. “I was going to say that it could be dangerous for me to do this.”
“I’d protect you.” And he meant it.
Who’d protect me from you? Jayde could feel her father’s disapproval even from the large distance that separated them. This solidified her decision. “Meet in a neutral place?”
“Of course. We could eat at the restaurant in your hotel if that would make you feel better.” Tyson would be willing to eat anywhere as long as he could spend some more time with her.
“You don’t know where my hotel is,” Jayde stated the obvious.
“Not yet. I will since I am walking you to your door.” His confident voice thrummed every synapse in her body.
Why not, she was on this vacation to have fun. It was a time for her. “Alright. I’ll agree to dinner.” This man called to her body in—dare she say it—a way that she had never felt before, a spiritual way.
“Now, will you tell me your name?” he asked as they began to walk again.
“That’s not fair,” he protested.
“Okay, let’s trade.” The words slipped out of her mouth.
Tyson was intrigued. “Trade what?”
“What will you give me if I give you my name?” Jayde asked. When did my voice become so throaty?
He touched her arm gently, and she stopped to turn those extraordinary dark brown eyes on him. “What do you want?” His tone had become even more seductive and with those four words had opened up a gate that Jayde wasn’t sure she would know how to get back through once she entered. Or if she would want to there was something about him made her want to act wantonly for once in her life.
Unable to turn away from his mesmerizing stare she countered. “What’s up for grabs?” Hello, double meaning.
Despite the numerous people that streamed past them it was like they were in their own world and were the only two people. “Name it,” the words he murmured were silky with challenge.
“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me,” Jayde said softly, suddenly embarrassed for her forward action.
“I won’t. Tell me, what do you want?” His voice was smooth and yet still insistent.
You to make love to me all night long. You to make me feel like a real woman. Your woman. “Dinner.” Had she really been about to say what she wanted?
He arched an eyebrow at that one. “Is it going to be a date?”
“Sure. Even with the whole walking me to my door afterward,” Jayde responded with a brilliant smile.
“Okay then, since you aren’t going to tell me what you really want, how about I tell you what I suggest?” His voice was down right primal and sex-infused.
Embarrassment was all gone leaving lust in its wake.
“Go ahead,” she said proud her words weren’t hesitant.
“A kiss,” Tyson said in his deep voice. His gaze remained steady and never wavered from hers.
“A kiss?” Jayde’s voice broke as she imagined his firm lips on hers.
“One name, one kiss,” he paused for a moment. “Deal?”
“Deal,” she agreed.
He broke into a leisurely smile that contained more than a bit of eroticism. Tyson stepped right up to her lush body; her smell of baby powder combined with the light citrus smell in her hair sent a jolt straight to his groin.
Jayde narrowed her eyes in confusion. “What?”
“I gave you two names.” His wolfish smile grew. “You owe me two kisses.”
Her insides melted. The rational part of her brain knew she should protest, but the promiscuous side of her wanted the kiss. Before she could form a word one way or another he took the decision away from her.
Tyson cupped the back of her head and held her still as his firm lips slowly lowered to hers. The touch was light but it sent a shockwave through both of their bodies. As his mouth pressed harder to hers, she felt her knees weaken.
Jayde was lost in a passionate haze. His tongue swept over her teeth before plunging into the warmth of her mouth to stroke her own tongue. In and out, in and out it went, mimicking an action that both of them wanted to experience with one another. The heat that grew between them was the kind that made lava look cool.
They both lost track of time before the other voices grew louder and they realized the people around them were cheering and catcalling them.
As Tyson gradually pulled away, Jayde found she was leaning on him; her hands had balled up his shirt in her fists. His eyes still burned with a fervor that made her trembling body even shakier. “One,” he said in a breathy voice, telling her that he wasn’t as composed as he wanted her to believe.
“Jesus,” was all Jayde said as she put a bit of space between them. Her fingers touched her swollen lips as if reliving the feeling of his on hers. In all her twenty-nine years she had never experienced a kiss like that one.
“That’s one way of putting it.” Tyson felt like he had just gone through Hell Week at BUD’s training, where boys go to become men and only a select few of those determined men got to become SEALs. His heart was pounding hard, palms were sweaty and he was exhausted. At the same time he was as hard as he had ever been and ready to take this woman to bed and please her or die trying. He was pretty sure he could please her; her explosive response to his kiss was proof of that.
“I really have to go,” Jayde stuttered, determined to ignore the hard erection that had been pressed against her while she was in his arms.
“And like I said, I will walk you to your door.” He gestured for her to lead the way.
This time though when they walked she felt the light contact of his hand on the small of her back. Protective and a bit possessive, his touch made her feel wonderful. The groups of tourists that they strode through may have gotten close, but none ever touched her. He made sure of that.
At the entrance to her hotel she stopped. “I can make it from here.” Her words broke the silence that had fallen between on the walk back.
“Dinner still?” Since she hadn’t said anything else about the kiss Tyson wasn’t sure if she had changed her mind and become angry over his forwardness. But it was not something he would take back; he loved the feel of her lips.
Jayde looked at him and nodded. “Sure. Here at…” she shrugged. “What? Six?”
“Six it is,” he picked up her hand and kissed the back of it, never releasing her gaze. “This doesn’t count as kiss number two.”
Jayde didn’t respond. She couldn’t. All she could do was stare until her watch beeped again. “Shit. I really have to go.”
Tyson watched as the panic crossed her face. “Go then. I will see you at six in front of the restaurant.”
“Don’t be late Tyson Kincade,” Jayde drew out his name, winked at him as she turned and ran inside the hotel disappearing from his sight. Totally unaware of her affect on him.
“I wouldn’t dream of it,” he said to her retreating back. As he walked off towards his own hotel he knew he had found the other half to his lonely soul.

06 April 2008


I spent part of my day today at our local chapter of RWA's monthly meeting. It was all about promos and I realized I need to be so much more diligent on keeping my blog up to date. So, I will start with posting once a week and hopefully will get better at it so I can do it more than that.

I'll be posting the first chapter *unedited* of the first story of my SEAL Team on Monday, so if you haven't read it, make sure you check back.

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