22 October 2009

O'Shea's Love is Now Available!!!

Thanks for all the support and paitence. The book is now available in ebook and print.
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19 October 2009

Release Date for O'Shea's Love...

22 Oct 09!!!

Thanks to everyone for being so paitent. This is the date barring something horrid occuring. Thanx for hanging in there with me.
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01 October 2009

Cover and Excerpt for O'Shea's Love

Just wanted to post up the cover for the next release in the Megalodon Team series, O'Shea's Love. This story will be out sometime in October and when I have an exact date I'll post it up. But until then, here is the cover and an unedited excerpt.


Unedited Excerpt from O’Shea’s Love

Adrian sat there, elbows on the tabletop, and watched her walk away from him for the second time in less than twenty-four hours. Damn! he thought, running his tongue over his teeth.
He could honestly say this wasn’t even remotely how he’d envisioned things to go. Jötunn, he’d envisioned to be a man, not a woman whose mere presence made all sense leave him. Add to that her flat-out refusal to assist him in his quest. Aidrian had expected this person to jump at the chance to teach him. With a deep breath, he leaned back in his chair and thought again about Xaria “Jötunn” Hummel or Xar as she claimed she was also called. She intrigued him more than he cared to admit.
Aidrian ground his teeth together. He needed this. And I’m going to get it! Pushing up from the table, he went to the elevator and rode up to his room. When he stepped from the interior of the car and headed for his door, a smile crossed his face as his gaze landed on the gentle swaying hips of one Xaria Hummel. She stopped and looked over her shoulder. Her eyes widened slightly before she turned toward him.
“Mr. O’Shea,” she said, walking closer to him. “Were it not for the fact we’re housed on the same floor, I’d begin to wonder if you were stalking me.”
Aidrian smiled again and leaned nonchalantly against the wall, watching her approach. “And you know we’re on the same floor, how?”
Xaria stopped before him, her expression amused. “So you are stalking me.”
His grin grew wider. “Nice dodge. Won’t work, though. This where you saw me and made your assumption of me?”
She lifted a shoulder. “Perhaps.”
Aidrian put one hand in his pocket and withdrew a keycard. Stepping closer to her, he noticed how her breathing increased and her pupils dilated. He leaned down by her ear. “For your information, as a general rule, I have the utmost respect for women. But be assured, Miss Hummel, you and I have unfinished business and we will meet again.” Backing off, he maneuvered around her and let himself into his room. Xaria had turned to watch him and he winked her before closing the door behind him. He sank against it. “Yah should be grateful, I respect women, Xaria Hummel, or you would already be in mah bed.”
He shifted his stance before heading to the table where he had a bunch of books and manuals on ice survival. Picking one up, he thumbed through a few pages before tossing it back down with a low growl of frustration. Aidrian shook as his hands gripped the edge of the table. He needed some release. Changing quickly into sweats and a sleeveless tee, he went back down to the gym and began working out.

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