30 September 2008

Released today @ TEB...Seducing Damian

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Just wanted to share that my paranormal was released today at Total E-Bound. I've attached the cover and posted the blurb and a short unedited excerpt. Enjoy!!

Blurb for Seducing Damian
Can a mortal man, without magic or coercion, bring a goddess to her knees just with the power of his love?
Damian Keith teaches Ancient Egyptian history but his love lies in the magic of mythology. An amateur collector of artefacts, he spends much time reading ancient books. Lately his dreams have been invaded by a woman whose touch leaves him breathless and wanting more. Much more. But she never reveals her face to him.
AmenitrĂ© Seini is really the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. Mortal, Damian Keith has enthralled her like no one before. She visits him in his dreams until she can no longer resist the urge to touch him while he’s awake and heads to Earth.
Do they stand a chance at a future together or will Damian push her away once he learns of her deception and who and what she truly is? Can she convince him her love is real and that only in the beginning was it about…
Seducing Damian

Unedited Excerpt from Seducing Damian
Expelling a huge sigh of relief, Damian shut the door to his apartment behind him. “Damn that woman,” he muttered as he kicked off his shoes. Angela had renewed her efforts all the way back to her place to get him to sleep there with her. To have a repeat of this afternoon. But every time she touched him, he felt himself fight not to pull away, repulsed. Like I want anyone after having been touched by perfection.
Leaning against the cool wood of the door, he ran his mind over the events of the evening. “I could have sworn that she had really touched me in that room,” he voiced his belief to the quiet of his apartment.
“I did.”
Damian felt his heart triple in speed. Her voice was everywhere. “Great, now I am hearing her voice outside my head,” he cursed as he pulled off his tie and marched to his bedroom. That sailed to land on a chair and he tugged off his socks as well.
“That’s because I am here, Damian. All you need to do is open your eyes and look.” There was mild censure in the tone.
Glancing around his room, Damian groaned in desperation. I’m going crazy. There was nothing to be seen. “I have officially lost it.”
“Come back into the living room,” the feminine voice ordered.
Unbuttoning the top three buttons of his dress shirt, he did as commanded. There leaning up against the wall by his artifact display stood none other than, AmenitrĂ©. “How…you…here…how…”
Her golden eyes ran over his body, and the dirty feel of Angela’s touch vanished as the warmth of her gaze caressed him. “I’m here because for some reason, I can’t get you out of my head. And we began something in that museum that needs to be finished.”
His indigo stare took in the fact that she wore a loose fitting red garment. It flowed about her and tantalized him the more he looked at it. There was a diamond of material missing allowing him to see her belly button and the tantalizing skin immediately around it. Her hair was still free and it settled about her like a cloud.
“How did you know where I live?” he asked. When she raised a jet black brow, he continued, “What happened at the museum? I don’t understand what is going on here.” He was getting frustrated. Fighting the urge to go to her was getting harder and harder.
Pushing away from the wall, she expelled a breath, showing off her annoyance. “Fine. You really want to know? I’ll tell you.”
Damian bit his lip as he saw the deep v-neck of her dress showed off tattoos on her breasts. There was another mark on her arm, but the sleeve concealed it from him. “I want you,” were the only words out of his mouth.

27 September 2008

New cover!!

This is my newest cover. My Christmas story will be released this fall at Phaze. I'll post the release date as soon as I recieve it.

Blurb for Add A Little Mistletoe…
Thirty-five year old Aspen Townsend was home for the holidays. She had a great job and wonderful friends. This holiday season, thanks to the disobedience of a four-year old, Aspen was also reunited with a tanned man who bore silver eyes from her past.
At thirty-eight and facing his first Christmas season out of the rodeo circuit in many years, Colt Larkin wasn’t exactly looking forward to spending the holidays in the sleep little town where he grew up. Until, he came face to face with the mocha beauty he had thought about since high school. Unfortunately, she seemed to harbor an intense dislike for him.
Can he convince her of the truth, or will the lie she has believed for the past twenty years keep them apart?
It happened once before, so perhaps all they need to do, to find their holiday hearts together is…
Add A Little Mistletoe…

Unedited excerpt:

Going around the corner, Aspen found herself facing a group of folks that she hadn’t liked even when they were in school. Apparently twenty years didn’t change her opinion. Still, she smiled as she passed them.
Laughter at her back made her stiffen. But she stopped dead when she heard them mention how the only way a man would kiss her was on a dare. Brown fire raged in her eyes as she turned toward them. The five people shut their mouths and before Aspen could say a word, that potent male voice from her dreams became reality beside her.
Colt Larkin.
“Hey, guys,” he said to the group. Then he put his attention on the woman next to him. With one index finger, he brought her eyes around to his. Her eyes lost their fire and filled with uncertainty. “What time do you want me to come over and help trim your tree?”
Aspen couldn’t speak. If she didn’t know better, she would say he was trying to help her. “I don’t know,” she mumbled.
Leaning in close, he looked over her head and into the cart. Whispering in her ear, “Eight.”
“Eight?” she barely managed to get out.
“Sounds great.” He moved away from her body, his hand lingering along her back. “By the way, thanks for a wonderful breakfast this morning.” He winked at her and glared at the people watching them dumbfounded before walking off.
Aspen was mortified. Not that the first rumor wasn’t bad enough, now this one would be circling around town. Livid, she stormed off after him, “Colt!” she yelled at his retreating back.
With effortless movement, he turned back around. “Yes, Aspen?”
She stomped over to him, leaving her cart behind along with the knowledge that they had an audience. “What the hell were you thinking, telling me ‘thank you’ for breakfast this morning?”
A gleam grew in his eyes that made her think of the devil-may-care attitude he had in high school, when he did what he wanted to get what he wanted. “So I shouldn’t have thanked you for breakfast, then? And, afterward, in the living room?”
“That is not what I meant. I don’t see the need to tell people.” She didn’t see the astonished looks from the town’s members.
“But it was six-thirty this morning. I didn’t want you to think I forgot.”
Fuming, Aspen actually stomped her foot in frustration. “Ohh, it isn’t anyone’s business that you were there. So kindly keep that to yourself from now on.”
“Like you are doing, right now?”
Realization crashed in. “You…you can rot in hell for all I care!” Aspen shouted, as she grabbed her cart and shoved it up to the line.

25 September 2008

New Release--Dark Waters anthology

Here is my latest release. I'm honored to be part of this anthology. So swing by Red Rose Publishing and check it out.


Upcoming release!!!

Good morning, y'all:

I just wanted to let people know that in Oct book 4 of the Megalodon Team was going to be released. I don't have an exact date at this time, but as soon as I know, I'll post it. Below is the awesome cover and the blurb. Enjoy!

Blurb for Greeley’s Spyce
Kacy Travis can’t help but feel the electricity that flows between her and the handsome man she bumped into on the street. Flaxen blond hair and blue eyes that…seemed able to penetrate through to her soul. What’s a woman to do when faced with such temptation? Will she give in? Or will past memories ruin any chance she has even before it starts?
Navy SEAL Ernst Greeley couldn’t get the woman he’d run into outside the bar out of his mind. Luscious curves, beautiful skin that was like coffee with a splash of cream in it, straight dark brown hair, and some amazing copper eyes. he wanted her. He’d used to believe he had everything in the world, but once he laid his eyes on her, he knew that wasn’t the case. She was the one who could complete him.
From Hawaii to Virginia, Ernst woos the woman he knows is his future. Kacy throws up road blocks and an ugliness from her past may destroy any chance they have at a future. Her trust is slim, can she put her faith in a man who’s trained to hurt people? Will Ernst help her realize she is what he needs in life? She is after all…Greeley’s Spyce