14 April 2008

Kincade's Rose--chapter 2--unedited

Happy Monday, y'all:


At five to six that evening, a handsomely dressed Tyson Kincade was waiting for his dinner date in the lobby of her hotel. He wore a light gray spread collar dress shirt, a dark green tie and a black single-breasted jacket. He also wore a pair of black dress pants, with the creases just so perfect. Military.
Bottom line, the man that Jayde saw as she walked up from the side was mouthwatering gorgeous. He sensed her approach more than anything else. When he turned to look at her he smiled, a smile of male satisfaction.
Jayde wore a dress that shimmered when she walked. It was dark green with metallic purple threads running through it. Form-fitting yet still extremely elegant with a sweetheart neckline it allowed him to see just the tops of her plentiful cleavage. As she walked towards him he saw the tempting flash of skin as her leg peeked through the slit on the left side. She wore modest two inch heels on her feet. Tyson appreciated all of her luscious curves in the dress.
“Damn,” was all he could say when she stopped next to him. Her hair was up in some intricate looking twist except for two pieces that hung down by her ears. She had on only a bit of lip gloss and he was smitten. She wore a gold necklace with a pendant that looked an awful lot like a locking or ‘D’ karabiner on it. Another mystery she had. In her ears she had simple golden rose shaped earrings.
“Good evening Tyson Kincade. You look very handsome this evening.” Her voice was melodious to his ears.
“You are stunning and beautiful.” He kissed her hand, silently applauding his control to not take her right here on the floor of the hotel lobby.
She blushed. “Thank you.” A smile crossed her face as she looked around, “Ready to eat?”
“Oh yeah.” The flames in his eyes didn’t exactly spell out food he craved, more like her.
They walked up arm in arm to the maĆ®tre d'. As the tuxedo dressed man was escorting them to their table she nudged him. Tyson’s hazel eyes looked away from the dance floor they passed and down to her as he said, “What is it my little rose?” Dear God, don’t let her have changed her mind.
“Jayde.” Was all she said.
After they had been seated he said, “Jayde? What does that mean?”
“It’s my name.” She took a sip of water to wet her parched throat. “Jayde Porter.”
Tyson nodded. “I like it, it fits you.”
“It’s a freebie. Just because you look so handsome,” she said with a small smile.
“Meaning you don’t want a kiss for it,” he teased her and loved how she blushed. But he took pity on her and changed the subject. “What do you do?”
Jayde sighed. Leaning forward she put her chin on her crossed hands showing the very empty ring finger off to Tyson. “I am currently working at a customer service job. Not exactly my career choice but I needed more money.”
I needed more money, that phrase set off warning bells in Tyson’s head. Carrie had needed more money. How could his perfect woman be like his ex? Was it possible? He just nodded and silently encouraged her to continue. She did.
“I was there…listen to me like you know where there is, New York…I was there in New York to take care of a terminally ill cousin. I guess I never realized just how expensive New York really was so I had to get the other job to supplement all her medications and stuff. She couldn’t afford it on her own, especially since I was living there and her utilities went up. She passed away two months ago and I have just sort of stayed there. Working at the same horrible job. But, until I figure out how I am going to get wherever I think I want to go, this will have to do. I guess I was just long overdue for a vacation. So here I am.” She blinked and smiled softly before it brightened and she said, “What about you?”
Tyson was shocked. Could she be for real? A woman who didn’t really feel that money was everything, and live for spas? “I am on medical leave from my job right now. Well my second job, I was temporarily reassigned from my first job and then I got injured on my second one, so now they are determining whether or not I will be able to return to my original position. Or the second one.” He put his hazel eyes on hers waiting for her to ask more questions.
“I am sorry to hear that. Did you prefer the original position?” Jayde wondered.
A wicked glint entered his gaze. “I prefer all positions, the original just as much as others.”
Jayde bit her tongue to keep from groaning out loud at the trembling that had set up shop in her stomach. “I meant your first job. Do you like that one better?”
Tyson loved being a SEAL more than anything and he didn’t know how he would manage if he wasn’t allowed to be one anymore. “More than anything, I love my first job.”
“In that case, I hope that you can return,” Jayde was dying to know what ‘medical’ problem he had. Because the way they responded to each other she hoped to God it wasn’t an STD. It sounded a bit too serious for that though.
“Me too.” He was surprised that she didn’t pry into his past further. A woman who could respect privacy, what a novelty.
Tyson was used to the “groupies” that would sleep with any man that wore the Budweiser, the Trident pin that marked a man in the SEAL teams. When he had met Carrie, she was different—or so he thought. He had believed that she cared about him, turns out all she wanted was his money, but apparently it wasn’t enough when she snuck into his personal files and found out how much he really made, he just had a good savings account. “Had” being the operative word.
So she turned to another man, one that was extremely wealthy and around more. She had him believing that pretty much all women were the same until Jayde. There was something about her that made him want to give commitment a chance. Of course it could be because he hadn’t been with a woman in over fourteen months, since working on his latest assignment he hadn’t been able to ‘see’ Carrie. And he wasn’t even wearing proof of being in the Teams. But he would bet it was because of Jayde.
They ate in silence for a bit before Tyson spoke. “Why did you agree to have dinner with me?”
The instant flare of heat in her dark eyes told him way more than she would admit to out loud. “I am not sure. I wasn’t sure it would be smart, but there is something about you.”
His eyebrows arched. “Something about me? Care to explain that?” He tore off another piece of bread and put it in his mouth as he waited for her answer.
Jayde took another drink of her iced tea before she answered him. “There is just something about you that makes me feel…well…protected. I can’t explain it; you have this air about you.”
“Are you saying I stink?” he asked with an affronted look and sniffed himself.
She laughed. “No, not that kind of air. Maybe an “aura” would be a better word, I am not sure I can explain this.”
“Try,” Tyson sat across from a woman that he had known only a few hours in awe. He never would have guessed that he had any kind of ‘air’ or ‘aura’ at all. Sure when he had been with his SEAL team, it was a dangerous one but he had been away from them for about a year now.
“Okay,” she drawled, giving Tyson a real glimpse into her past. She was a southerner. “There is this look on your face that tells people around you not to mess with you. That you know how to defend yourself, it doesn’t look aggressive just confident.”
Jayde shook her head slightly and cocked it to the side. “But at the same time I see a gentle strength in you that says you are willing to protect. And I feel safe with you, which says a lot since I don’t trust many men.” That blush he enjoyed so much filled her cheeks. “Anyway, that’s why I agreed to dinner, ‘cause I feel safe with you.”
“You are safe with me,” he said as he reached one hand across the table to grasp one of hers. “I would never let anyone harm you.” There was a fierceness to his tone that made Jayde wonder just who this man was.
All she could do was smile and look away to her plate of food. Tugging her hand back she began to cut her chicken so both hands would be busy. There had been a possessive fire in his eyes that made her tremble.
As she looked away from him a tingle went up Tyson’s spine. He glanced around the room and found some of the local authorities looking at him. Jayde was hidden by the person behind her, but they had spotted him and were gesturing and speaking with agitated motions. After a moment they disappeared but he didn’t feel any relief. He had learned a long time ago to trust his gut and it didn’t like what he had seen.
“Is everything alright, Tyson?” Jayde’s voice broke into his thoughts.
“Sure. Just thinking about work and things.” He didn’t want to worry her.
Jayde nodded. “Tell me more about you.”
“For a woman who didn’t want to give me her name, you sure want to know a lot about me.” He teased.
“Humor me,” she quipped as she finished her meal and wiped her mouth. I love it that he has a sense of humor.
“Yes ma’am. What do you want to know?” Tyson laid his utensils down on the table done with his meal as well.
Jayde put her elbows on the table and leaned on her fists to stare directly at him. “Surprise me.”
Tyson too leaned in. “I grew up in Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth area. Went to college at the best; the University of Texas.” He didn’t tell her that after one year there that he wanted something different and transferred to Annapolis for OCS.
“Go Longhorns,” she added with a grin.
“You a Longhorn?” he asked as an olive skinned man pushing a cart full of desserts stopped by their table. Four shelves of mouthwatering pastries sat there waiting for their decisions. Tempting their stomachs that didn’t seem so full anymore.
“No. But some of my good friends are.” She paused to point out which dessert from the passing cart she wanted to try. A bread pudding soaked in whiskey sauce. “I am a Bulldog. UGA all the way baby.”
He laughed. “Football fan, huh?” Tyson pointed to a triple layered chocolate cake drizzled in a raspberry sauce.
“Love it,” she said with rising enthusiasm. Her entire body glowed by way of her animation. “I watch more professional now than anything, but I still follow college.” They fell silent as their desserts were placed in front of them by a pretty young woman who was with the man; her only job was to put the desserts from the cart onto the table. And they both began to eat the desserts.
“How’s yours?” Tyson asked as he watched Jayde eat another forkful.
Without hesitation Jayde got some on her fork holding it out across the table for him to try. As his mouth closed around her fork she envisioned him sucking on her mouth and other parts that desperately wanted his attentions. “Mmmm.” He sighed and licked his lips, “Delicious. Here, try mine.”
Jayde accepted the chocolate bite from the man across the table from her. Damn her mind for traveling down roads best left alone. “That’s good.”
She swallowed again as she watched him relish what little chocolate there was leftover from her taste. His hazel eyes never left hers as he drew the fork into his mouth to clean it off.
“Everything he does is erotic,” Jayde muttered softly under her breath. Not soft enough though because Tyson heard it and his body responded, hardening to the point of being almost painful.

After dinner was over they had hot drinks, Tyson drank coffee and Jayde had tea. “So tell me why you wanted to have dinner with me,” Jayde asked the handsome man across from her.
“I didn’t want our time together to end so soon. I wanted…and still do want to get to know you better,” Tyson answered the woman who had ensnared him.
“Right. You just wanted my name.” Her eyes twinkled with good humor.
“That too.” He winked. Sliding his chair back he stood and walked around the table to her side. “Dance with me,” his voice implored. He didn’t understand what she was doing to him; he had hated dancing with Carrie and would avoid doing it at all cost. So why was it so important for him to dance with Jayde? Because he wanted to hold her in his arms once again.
How could she not? “Okay,” Jayde got to her feet and felt like she was floating as he walked her over to where other couples were dancing.
With ease he maneuvered them out onto the dance floor. He was an easy man to follow and as she laid her head on his chest, an action that seemed natural for her, they moved around effortlessly.
Content to hold her in his arms, Tyson kept them out there for three songs. She moved so well in his arms on the dance floor, he knew that they would move this well in bed together.
After the third song, he escorted her back to their table; once again his hand was on the small of her back. They passed a large mirrored surface and Tyson got a good look at them. They made a wonderful couple. Him fair, her dark. Him tall, her shorter. Him trim and her curvaceous. He also noticed that other people were watching them in an almost jealous way.
Tyson helped her back into her chair and then reclaimed his seat, signaling for another round of drinks.
“Thank you,” she said.
“For what?”
“The dance. You are a wonderful dancer.”
“You as well. But you are welcome just the same. Tell me more about you,” Tyson said as their drinks were filled.
He stirred his coffee as a storm rolled into the area they could hear the thunder rumbling.
“Not much to tell. I lead a very boring life.” Little did she know that was about to change.
“I doubt that. What about your family?” His eyes moved around the room before settling back on her face.
“My parents are alive and well in Savannah, Georgia. I have three brothers and two sisters. I am the youngest at twenty-nine. They all want to control my life and that is about it.” She smiled sadly.
“I don’t see how your life could be boring with five siblings in it. If I can ask without it being too personal, how come you were the one sent to take care of your cousin?” Tyson asked as he drank some coffee.
“Because I hadn’t started what they considered a real career yet. So I went to New York. But I got away from ‘the bosses’, my family, for a while. I am glad I went, sorry she died, but glad I was there with her. If that makes any sense.” Jayde shrugged.
“It does. It makes perfect sense. You needed to get away from your ‘overbearing’ family and though you are sorry it took a family member’s illness to do so, you were glad you got to go.”
“You do understand.” Jayde looked at him even closer. For a moment she wondered what it would be like to have a man like him in her life, to come home to everyday. Perfect, it would be perfect.
“So, what is your big ‘career’ that you haven’t started yet?” he asked as he saw her blush and wondered what she was thinking.
“I don’t know. I went to school for business, but I love to paint. So I doubled and got an art degree as well. But the family doesn’t think that will pay the bills so I have to find a good business. I suppose I could always work for Father, but I don’t want to. My whole life I have been the baby. The one who needs ‘looking after’ since I can’t make good decisions according to them, but I take care of them all when it comes down to it. I just want to do something for me, that I love.”
Tyson saw the passion that flared in her eyes as she talked about painting. “Then paint. Just do it.”
“Maybe.” She shrugged one shoulder, “What about you? Your family?”
“Well, I am a middle child. I have an older brother and a younger sister. I am thirty-five and my parents are also still living. My mom is a hospital administrator and my father owns a propane business. My oldest brother and I don’t get along very well. He works for the post office as does my younger sister, she is a gem. You would love her. I don’t get home to see her much. I don’t see eye to eye with my father either, he wants me to be home with the rest of the family.”
Jayde could see that was a source of tension for him and so didn’t pursue it further. The light chiming of a phone reached them. “Excuse me, that’s my cell phone.” She opened her purse and flipped her phone open. “Hello?” She rolled her eyes, an action that brought another smile to Tyson’s face. “I’m fine. I’m in the middle of dinner. No, Sam, it is at my hotel so I am perfectly safe. I’m fine. Goodnight, Sam.” She hung up her phone.
“Brother one, two or three?” he asked as she brought another grin to his face with her annoyed expression. Amazed at the amount of times he had smiled since he met her, Tyson didn’t want to let her walk out of his life. Even the three years he was with Carrie he hadn’t smiled this much or this freely.
“Second oldest, which means the other two along with my sisters and parents will be calling soon, so I should call it a night. Thank you very much for a wonderful evening, Tyson Kincade.” Jayde gathered her purse and opened it and brought out her wallet.
He didn’t want the evening to end but he had never pressured a woman to share his time, so he waved for the bill. Jayde began to protest him paying for her portion until he gave her a look that silenced her.
As they walked through the dinning area to the lobby she said, “You didn’t have to pay for my dinner.”
“A date is a date. Now, I am walking you to your door.”
“Of course.” She led the way to the elevator where they stood with other guests as it went up to the fifth floor where she motioned they should get off.
Tyson walked beside her down the hall until she stopped at her door. Room 5627. “Your key?” He waited for her to give him her card key and opened the door for her.
Jayde walked into her room but Tyson remained in the doorway. “Again, thank you for dinner,” she said as she saw him watching her intently with his hazel eyes.
“You’re welcome, Jayde.”
The sound of her name rolling off his tongue should have been one of the seven deadly sins. “Goodnight, Tyson.”
“Jayde?” His seductive voice caressed her.
“Yes?” She set her purse down and faced him again as she stood by the door.
“I am claiming number two,” he said seconds before he kissed her.
Like the first time they kissed, her world spun out of control. His touch electrified her body. As his tongue stroked hers, she felt a reckless desire deep within her soul for this man.
He broke it off, his own breathing came fast and hard. One hand trailed down her face. “Goodnight. Dream of me.” Then he was gone. She had blinked and he was gone, like he hadn’t been there at all. If not for her swollen lips she would have sworn it was all a dream.
Still trembling, Jayde shut the door and locked it. Never had a man affected her like that. Jesus, why did he have to be such a gentleman?
Before she could dwell too much on that issue, her phone rang again and for the next three hours she spoke to—was lectured by—her family as they called to make sure she was still breathing and to let her know they thought what she was doing was stupid and childish. Then she finally made it into the shower where she let the pounding spray ease away her tension for the man she had just met this very day.


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