16 May 2008

New cover

Morning Y'all:

Just wanted to share my cover for the story coming this summer to MS Fiction.

And here is the blurb for this story.

LUCIEN ST. MARTIN, Marquess of Heartstone, is ordered to travel to the “the uncivilized” part of the world. The Colonies. How was he to know everything was about to shift on its axis.

CIARA MCKAY is known as “The heart of the Mountain.” She lives near a town but chooses to remain alone up in the mountains. Her world is changed the day she encounters a man being tossed about by an enraged mother bear.

Long winter nights lead to explosive passions. Seven years pass before they meet again. Can they overcome the “accepted” rules of society? Or will “the heart of the mountain” cease to be?
Is it possible that Lucien can convince her to give them another chance? Will Ciara accept her destiny that together is the only way for them to be, as the…
The Princess and the Marquess

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