04 January 2009

New Release!!

Wow...I've been so bad. Haven't posted a thing since Oct of last year. Well, I wanted to let everyone know that book one of the Megalodon Team series has been rereleased. Kincade's Rose is now available at Lulu.

But here is the blurb and the buy link should you be interested.

Kincade’s Rose Blurb
Navy SEAL Tyson Kincade was proud of his emotional control. So how, with one glimpse of the voluptuous sepia beauty sitting alone, all that sanity and control disappeared like waves receding from the beach? From the first moment they touched he knew…he never wanted to let her go.
Ever want to ignore the voice of reason and have that fling with the handsome man you met on vacation? Jayde Porter did. From the second her eyes landed on his tanned muscular body. Then she ran into him, literally. An encounter which led to a scorching kiss, dinner and—marriage? Her life was in chaos.
Exploding planes, night jumping, and jungle dangers. Jayde knew that to survive she would have to trust the man she married.
Can he make her understand they were meant to be together or will they be kept apart by circumstances surrounding them? Together if Tyson has a say in it, for the amazing woman he married is…


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Denise B said...

After reading Ernst's story, I really didn't think that I would be able to read another book from this series and be just as fulfilled, but I was wrong. I love this story as much as Greeley's Spice. They are both on my 'favorites' list.