26 July 2009

Release Date for Wicked Burn

Good evening, y'all:
Just wanted to share that Wicked Burn, the story cowritten by McKenna Jeffries and myself, has been given a release date of 03 Aug 09 from Liquid Silver Books.
Hope y'all enjoy the story when it arrives.

Here is the blurb and excerpt for Wicked Burn:

Wicked Burn
By: Aliyah Burke and McKenna Jeffries
Liquid Silver Books
Coming 03 August 2009
LSB Theme ~ Hearts AfireISBN#: 978-1-59578- 584-8
Genre: Contemporary Format: E-Book


Firefighter Yasmine Van Cort is used to saving people and knows sometimes, not everyone can be rescued. Yet something about her last fire rescue keeps bothering her. She cannot forget the anguish of the man who lost his sister and brother-in-law, the man who is now the guardian of the sole survivor of the horrible fire--an innocent baby. Yasmine knows getting involved with those you save can be a bad idea, but she cannot resist checking on him. What she finds is an unexpected complication which will change her forever.
Sedeo Parker lost the last of his family and now has to care for his infant niece. Distraught at the loss and the responsibility, he is overwhelmed when the woman who saved his niece comes by. His mixed emotions of gratitude and fury that she did not save everyone leave him reeling. The unexpected flash of desire for her only complicates things.
Yasmine knows with her career, a real relationship is difficult at best. Add in a victim of fire, and it makes it doubly so. Sedeo, after losing everything to fire, does not know if he can let himself become involved with a woman who fights the very thing he is afraid of. Together, they will have to decide if it’s worth it to take a chance on a wicked burn.

Un-Edited EXCERPT:

One night as she stood in the kitchen barefoot, making herself a salad for dinner, the doorbell chimed. Munching on a carrot, she walked to the door and pulled it open. The sight on the other side almost caused her to choke. The man who’d been haunting her dreams stood there, holding the cute little girl in his arms, a bag on one shoulder.
“H…h…hi,” she managed to mutter. Holy hell, he’s even hotter than I remember from my dreams.
Shelby cooed and reached for her, and without thought, Yasmine took her into her arms. The gentle scent of innocence washed over her.
“Would you believe we were in the neighborhood?” One side of his mouth curved up in a disarming smile. Yet she could see in the depths of his eyes more than a bit uncertainty.
Did she? And did she really care? “Come on in,” she said, stepping back to allow them in the house.
“We’re not interrupting, are we?” he asked as he moved past her.
“Nope. Just fixing a bite to eat before Rufus and I go for a walk.”
“Rufus?” Sedeo asked.
Jerking her head toward the door, she said, “The one putting nose prints on my sliding glass door.”
“Puppy!” Shelby cried and struggled to get down.
With a smile, Yasmine set her on her feet, well aware that Rufus was fine with kids.
“Is she…is he okay? Will she…?” Sedeo babbled.
Without thought, she placed a hand on his arm and said, “She’ll be fine. Rufus loves kids.”
The heat from his skin seared her palm, and she swallowed rapidly. Removing her hand, she moved to the door, opening it to allow Rufus to come inside. Keeping her gaze on the two on the floor, she made sure all was good between dog and child. She longed to stand near him again, but part of her make-up was following the rules and doing what was best. Getting involved with Sedeo Parker was not what was best.
A shadow fell over her, and she looked up at the man who stood a few inches taller than her. He stared down at her with a longing in his gaze. Her belly churned, and her legs became shaky. Everything in the room shrank to the two of them, nothing more, and nothing less. In slow motion, he cupped the side of her face and lowered his mouth to hers.
Nothing else mattered, aside from the fact his lips were nearing hers. At first touch, she whimpered. His lips were made for kissing. He nibbled gently before covering her mouth. She moaned as his tongue slid along her lips and sought entrance. Yasmine opened on a sigh.
It was a slow exploration of the recess of her mouth, and Yasmine allowed him to set his pace. Her fingers curled into her palms so she didn’t grab him. It was over almost before it started, and when he pulled back, his eyes swirled with barely restrained passion.

Copyright © 2009 Aliyah Burke and McKenna Jeffries
All Rights Reserved , Liquid Silver Books.


Chloe Waits said...

Hot Stuff!
Sorry can't resist the "fire" imagery!
Can't wait to read more!


Aliyah Burke said...

Thanks Chloe;
Hope you enjoy the read.
Happy reading,