15 August 2009

Dimitri's Moon is now available!!

Book 6 in the Megalodon Team, Dimitri's Moon, is now available in both ebook and print via Lulu. I hope y'all enjoy Dimitri's story!



Ilanderae “Landi” Nycks never thought she’d meet up with the man who’d stolen her heart only to turn around and break it. His disheveled black hair, lean muscular body, and golden eyes affected her as much as the day they met. However, on that fateful day in Greece they were reunited.
Dimitri “Merlin” Melonakos felt the world shift on its axis the second his gaze landed upon his own epitome of perfection, Landi Nycks. Her petite form, fawn colored eyes, flawless skin all made him long to go back in time and correct the mistakes he made in their relationship.
Resolute to get another chance with her, Dimitri does all he can to get another chance. Landi is unsure and not very trusting but bit by bit she begins to allow him back into her heart. Their newly renewed relationship is tested by new people into their lives, missions, and more. Dimitri doesn’t care about how many things he has to overcome, he vows to never let her go again for she is…
Dimitri’s Moon


Sherecej said...

Hi Aliyah, i have all of the books in this series so far but i was wondering if you could tell me what order they are to be read in

Aliyah Burke said...

Kincade's Rose
Harrier's Healer
Connelly's Flame
Greeley's Spyce
Vittano's Willow
Dimitri's Moon

They are all stand alone books but this is the order of not knowing who ends up w/ who. Thanks for asking, and thanx for the support. Enjoy!
Happy reading,

Tanchel's said...

Ms. Aliyah,

Yet another AWESOME story!!!!
I look forward to the next in the Megalodon Series.

OH - BTW How is that 'Blond Giant' Nicolas doing? It has been months since I last asked about him. I hope he isn't giving you too much trouble.;-)

Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed D's story.
Nik...well...Nik is Nik what can I say. Yes, that man is making trouble, but I don't think he can help himself. Thanx for asking about him.
Happy reading,