05 August 2008

New blurb, and excerpt!!

Good evening, Y'all:
Just wanted to share my blurb and the excerpt for an anthology that I'm part of. It's coming in September from Red Rose Publishing. I couldn't load the cover at the moment but will try again soon.

Blurb for Faith’s Tears
Can a woman who lives her life based on logic and tangible things believe and trust in the love of a man claiming to be a magical being, a selkie?
From the moment his gaze landed on her dark beauty, Rowan Kilgour knew she was his life-mate. Despite his feelings, he knew she deserved a chance to experience life before she was tied to him forever. So he waited. Seventeen years. And now that he’s found her again, he’ll be damned before he lets her go.
Faith Henderson still wore the pendant given to her years ago by a senior in high school when she was a sophomore. While visiting the Isle of Skye she is reunited with him. His dark hair, muscular body, and dark chocolate mousse eyes still had the power to turn her into a puddle. Add to that his thick Scottish brogue and she was putty.
Can Rowan convince Faith that their lives are intertwined? Will she get past her disbelief in magic to see him for what he truly is? And accept him for it? Or will a darkness from her past keep them separated for all eternity?
Sometimes all destiny needs is salt water, in Rowan’s case all he needed was…
Faith’s Tears


This isn’t goodbye, Faith. The words skated across her skin and she fought down the urge to look over her shoulder at the tall handsome Scotsman she walked away from.
“Faith wait!” Sean’s voice reached her and she realized she’d moved past him as well.
Without any intention of waiting for him, she kept on up the street and as she rounded the corner Faith broke into a run. She headed toward the one place she knew Sean wouldn’t find her, for he didn’t know where it was. As she ran to the edge of the rock, she gasped for breath. There was no need for her to clear anything up with Sean, he’d made his bed and he could lie in it. The thing that was concerning her now, was her reaction to seeing Rowan Kilgour again. And his words of that she knew why she did what she did.
He’s right. You know why you allowed him to offer comfort. She couldn’t explain it, it was like when he touched her for the first time in a long time she felt complete. Like he was the other half of her soul.
“That’s just crazy,” she muttered. “It makes no sense at all why a man I haven’t seen since I was a sophomore in high school could have that affect on me.”
“If it helps, you have the same affect on me, Faith,” a deep voice flowed up from behind her and wrapped her in its sensual softness.
Faith didn’t jump, it was as if her body had already known he was there. “Seventeen years is a long time, Rowan.”
“I know,” he said in a graveled voice. “Trust me, leannan, I am well aware of how long it’s been.”
Squeezing her eyes tight, Faith wet her lips with her tongue then opened her eyes. She refused to turn around, unsure if this was just another dream or a cruel hoax. “What do you want, Rowan?”
“You know what I want. The same thing I wanted when I first laid eyes upon you. You, Faith. I want you.”
He said it with such finality and conviction, for a moment, she almost believed him.

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