11 June 2009

New cover

Here is the newest cover for the Megalodon Team. Book 5 of 8.
It will be released this month, don't have the day yet, but it is soon. Below is the blurb. Enjoy.

Blurb for Vittano’s Willow

Devoted high school teacher, Chantoya “CJ” Jackson, tries hard to ignore the man who arrives at her school to try and convince people to join the US Navy. His thick black hair, dark brown eyes, tanned skin, and muscular body makes her think of things she shouldn’t, especially on school grounds.
Osten “Baby Boy” Scoleri is pleasantly surprised to be reunited with a woman he’d met a few times before when he agrees to do a public relations stint at a high school. Her toffee skin, runner’s body, light brown eyes, and black hair still grabs his attention. Top that off with her quick wit and he wants to find out more of what makes her tick and won’t even let her large, overly protective brothers dissuade him.
Her family isn’t the only hurdle. For surrounding CJ is something much more sinister and deadly. The closer they become the more danger she is in. Osten will need more than luck to keep the woman he’s fallen for safe. From Virginia to Vietnam, CJ grows and learns about herself and her relationship with Osten. No matter what the odds, Osten is determined to show CJ he needs her in his life for she is…Vittano’s Willow

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Aliyah,
I so look forward to this release. I have read and re-read all the previously released Megalodon novels and I can't wait for #5.

Best Wishes,