26 June 2009

Summer Contest

First and foremost I want to thank y’all for such wonderful support. This is a very simple contest. 5 questions from my various books. Email me at aliyah_burke@hotmail.com with “contest answers” (or something similar) in the subject line, but only at this email addy, any other address and the entry won’t be counted. Please don’t post the answers on the group, or blog. You must have all answers correct and those that do will be put in a ‘hat’ and a friend will draw the winner. The winner of the contest will get a free PDF copy of Dimitri’s Moon when it is released in August. The contest runs from today thru 01 Aug 09. The winner will be posted the next day on 02 Aug 09.

Here we go and best of luck to everyone.

1) What is Erin Watford’s nickname in Through the Fire?
2) In Greeley’s Spyce what is the name of the horse Adam rides?
3) Rowan Kilgour called Faith Henderson by what Scottish endearment in Faith’s Tears?
4) Aspen Townsend in Add A Little Mistletoe works with what?
5) Name CJ’s three brothers from Vittano’s Willow.

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