19 December 2009

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Chayton's Tempest via Lulu.

Thanks for all the patience and hangin' in there with me. I sincerely hope y'all enjoy the final Megalodon Team story.

Blurb for Chayton’s Tempest

Tempest Burnell was content with her life in the Southwestern desert until the day she came face to face with her past. Time had been wonderful to him, a tall Native American, blessing him with jet black hair, obsidian eyes, and bronzed skin covering a body packed in muscles.
James “Maverick” Lonetree heads to New Mexico because of a vision. When he lays eyes upon a sexy bartender, new life pours into him. He longs to know more about the dark-skinned, curvaceous woman and yet she seems to hate him.
When the past comes out, Maverick is faced with a hurdle more crucial than anything he’s ever faced in his thirty-six, even recent years as a SEAL. He is however, determined to break through the wall erected around Tempest’s heart and earn forgiveness for past transgressions. Combine her mistrust, with interfering families, and the fact he calls the other side of the country home, he knows it won’t be easy.
SEALs are known for many things, giving up…isn’t one of them. Maverick vows to make Tempest understand she’s not just his salvation, she is…
Chayton’s Tempest


kolbyirish said...

Oh my goodness, by far my favorite story of all the stories, and that's saying a lot because Tyson's story used to be number one in my heart. This story was soo powerful! The emotions at times were overwhelming. I know that all the members of team are married off, so where does that leave you and us readers? Will there be another series to kick off? I would also love it if you started up your historicals again because that was how I discovered you in the beginning. You're an amazing author with a wonderful talent!

Aliyah Burke said...

Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment about the story as well as the series as a whole.
I am working on some other things including my historicals. When I get dates or news for stuff I'll update my yahoo and website as well as posting it here. Thank you so much for your kind words and for your support.
Happy reading,