08 December 2009

Unedited excerpt of Chayton's Tempest

Here is the excerpt as promised. I don't have a release date yet but will post when I do. Enjoy!

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Unedited excerpt of Chayton’s Tempest
“Nope. I’m staying until closing. I’ll pick you up around two tomorrow.” Pushing the money closer, he sent her a predatory grin. “Plain Coke.”
Biting her lip, Tempest got him his drink, sliding it across the smooth finish. “Here you go; no charge.” Then she was gone, moving down the counter to tend other patrons.

Maverick’s glass never went empty but Tempest kept her distance. He could tell the other workers wanted to ask her what he’d meant by his blatant admission. But she shook off their questions and stayed focused on her work.
It was after two-thirty in the morning before the place was empty aside from Tempest, Mili, and Maverick. Mili finished up sweeping the floor while Tempest cleaned behind the bar and did some inventory.
When Tempest had announced it was closing, everyone had groaned but began leaving. Last call had been made much earlier, so clean up was relatively easy. Maverick had merely drunk his Coke and watched people leave.
Only when two bouncers approached him had he reacted. He’d cast a glance back towards Tempest, who’d sent the men a nod of approval. So the men hadn’t bothered him and had made certain everyone else had left in an orderly fashion.
“You know you can’t make this a habit,” Tempest said as she ran a dry rag over the counter, making it gleam.
“Can’t make what a habit?” Maverick asked, deliberately being obtuse.
“Staying here all night. Don’t you have something more important to do?” Turning her back on him, she ran a critical eye over the bottles before her, taking stock.
Maverick allowed his eyes to travel all over her body. She stood with most of her weight on her left leg. Her stance allowed the leather of her pants to form even tighter to her derrière. She had a beautiful hourglass shape, one he longed to explore and get to know on an up close and very personal level.
With a quick wink to Mili, he vaulted effortlessly over the bar to land silently behind her. “I don’t have anything more important to do.” He allowed his eyes to move over her one more time, trying to control the insistent jerking of his swollen cock inside his pants. Maverick had to give her credit; she’d only jumped a small bit.
“What are you doing?”
“Turn around,” he spoke in a low, authoritative voice.
Slowly, Tempest complied with his order. “What? I’m really tired and want to get in bed.”
His eyes twinkled. “Is that an offer?”

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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let the release date be this month.